Dev Stream

Yeah that and i was laughing most of the times. That stream was pure gold.

Rude much? Dev streams are meant to show some of the stuff the devs are working on, with perhaps some spoilers here and there, and also to communicate better with their fanbase… these streams are focused into bringing information, and aren’t meant for the devs to show their “mad skillz”.

So what if Zantai or even Grava are showing the same skills they showed on a previous stream? Has it ever occured to you that some people might not have watched those other streams, and that perhaps even now, there might still be people unnaware that GD is getting another expansion?

Not to mention that the devs needs to kepp their attention on the chat, aswering the overwhelming amounts of questions from players in regards of the xpac.

Sounds like you should just stop watching dev streams and go watch other players streaming instead.

I always love each dev stream, no matter what they show. :smiley:

I hear what you’re saying, BB_Shockwave.
Anticipation can be a killer and every new piece of information is very welcome.

Having said that, I think every stream is a treat.
Yes, Grava and Zantai have different approaches, but both are awesome for the way they handle the stream, in my opinion.
And like others have said, they’re not obliged to do dev streams. I’m glad they do, though.
Combined with the Grim Misadventures, Crate does an excellent job of keeping audiences in the loop.

Indeed it does.
I’ve been in software engineering for a long time and I rarely did some programming in my free time.
There are other fun things to do and you want to prevent a burn or bore out.
Besides, if I’m not mistaken, Grava’s expertise is in map creation and lore writing.
Other Crate devs are more concerned with gameplay design and mechanics.

Other than that, I thought this stream had a lot of new spoilers (skills, runes, items).
I’ll be updating Forthcoming Forgotten Gods expac - what we know so far Part II and [Forgotten Gods] What we know about the Oathkeeper skills this weekend, so keep an eye out for that. :wink:

Or you could admit with me that we (and many others) we’re hoping to hear/see a release date.

However, I’m glad it wasn’t pushed even further into the year. Grava is fun to watch - he has energy to keep your eyes glued to the monitor.

I think you may be taking this a bit out of context. Grava has over 800 hours in Grim Dawn from various playtesting sessions and working on the game. He is not a hardcore ARPG player though and does not study the mechanics as in-depth as many players here.

I myself have well over 1500 (and that’s only counting the hours after Grim Dawn was first put on Steam).

What we do not do is go out of our way to play Grim Dawn in our off hours. If all we played is Grim Dawn, we would never have an opportunity to absorb other games and thus draw inspiration and lessons from them.

Except it was:

I appreciate that you prefer my streams, but we don’t do these streams to exclusively spoil new info. And not everybody watching has necessarily seen previous streams.

Last time I streamed, I barely progressed into Ultimate at level 1, whereas Grava went considerably further.

Grava’s streams are always fun to watch

Holy effin mother flippin at the cunning / spirit change to making them give HP…I’m…I’m…fainting…@*&$#

Its not like i prefer the one or the other but
Zantai is more of in a professional demeanor stream while Grava is progressing and more fun.
Last time poor Zantai answered everything we asked him from lore notes to GD history of crate etc and we didnt let him play at all while Grava went apeshit yesterday and teased us like hell with the items and gameplay xD
And don’t forget Grava since he is just working on the game he doesn’t really know what he must and what must not say/do even if we would ask him
I dont know about you guys but i like both depending my mood too
In other words i like both F****s to watch ;p

(ShotokanEditor on twitch)

Grava streams are always extremely entertaining. I hope he continues to do them.

Now you have pissed Grava! Expect the next Nemesis to be yet again named after him but this time around its deadlier than ever :eek:

Nah, final super Nemesis boss has to be Evil Medierra. He doesn’t have one, but since this was his vision and creation he should have if this is going to be the last expansion for the game. Med’Evil MostGrim. :stuck_out_tongue:

Madierra being a Nemesis is like a downgrade for a human to a human-like (or monkey). Madierra should and must be a super boss, stronger than Ravager or Mogdrogen. :smiley:

Think that covers all of it. :wink:

“Super Nemesis Boss” sounds lame. “Super super boss” is where it’s at. Super Alpha Boss maybe? :smiley:

Whatever you want to call it, it should be the meanest, nastiest, downright god awfullest boss in the whole game. :eek:

Sounds about right. :slight_smile:

Since all the Oathkeeper skills were spoiled is there anyway you guys could pass Oathkeeper data to Grimtools guy ? I realize the numbers will change couple more times before expansion release but it would be fun to play around with build ideas in the meanwhile.

If Dammitt wanted to, he’d already implement that. Taking in account he posted AoM data to Grimtools about a month or more before AoM came out, he probably already has all FG data or most of it.

This. Dammit already has the info for playtesting purposes. We need to plan out builds out too you know. :wink: However, Dammit won’t release the info until Zantai says it’s okay for him to do so. As USER_NAME_01 says it’ll probably be released ahead of FG being available, but exactly when that will be is up to Zantai to decide.