Grim Misadventure #155: Refined Loot

Crate knows that at least 50% of the playerbase want it, but they still don’t want to make it. A year ago, there was a thread where at least 80% of the messages were “please add component auto pick up” and someone from Crate (I think it was Zantai) came out and simply said “not gonna happen”. And picking components by-hand is not gamebreaking. Heck, it won’t change anything anyway, because you’ll still need to press pickup button or do it with your mouse if you kill a boss or open a chest.

No need to mod it, just get GrimInternals, and all is well.

Yes, let´s betray out vision, because … dunno, we´re weak minded?
On second thought, let´s not. :rolleyes:

Have you used grim internals? It makes a huge difference in the enjoyability of a play session.

When crate finishes up with GD and moves on to GD2 or GDTownBuilderDeluxe, we’re going to be the ones who actually play the game - they’ve stated many times on stream they don’t even play their own game. I hope they take those kinds of QOL polls to heart for end of lifing the game.

There is a difference between betraying vision for game world, difficulty, design elements etc, and making us click an extra 10,000 times for components “cause reasons”.

Strawman much?

There are plenty of threads on these subjects elsewhere in the forum so please use them and don’t clutter up this one. Stick to the discussion about the refined loot filter please.

Omg…this is how bullshit spreads, guys.

We allow modding precisely because we know not everyone will agree with what we think is the best for the game and the player base as a whole. Don’t like our stance? Seems there is a mod for that.

Wasn’t that Grava who said he “doesn’t play” the game because he always tests stuff and therefore he has no time to actually sit down and play the game? I remember him saying something similar, I mean yeah, even if he has time, he probably doesn’t want to continue playing the game after X hours of testing.

Apparently, one for all, all for one. :rolleyes:

It’s normal for devs not to spend time playing their game as players. I wasn’t knocking or trashing anyone for it - sorry if i came across that way.

We allow modding precisely because we know not everyone will agree with what we think is the best for the game and the player base as a whole. Don’t like our stance? Seems there is a mod for that.

Unfortunately some of these issues require more than simply plugging in a mod, otherwise I would totally agree with you. They require running a programs which hook into the .dll, they require turning off our cloud save which then puts us at risk of losing all our chars and puts the onus of constant backing up etc on us. If it was just as simple as go to steam workshop and click the mod to use you’d be 100% correct.

Actually, nearly all reports of lost characters have been from people using Steam Cloud Saving (this is my take on it from years of reading bug reports/complaints across this forum and Steam’s GD forum/reviews). There might have been a scant few who lost them during data loss from a hard computer crash but every other report was from people using cloud saving.

You are much safer, imo, not relying on Steam Cloud. A lil food for thought for ya. If you look at my join date above, I’ve been playing (heavily) since that time without cloudsaving and have never lost a character that wasn’t from my own hand.

I’ve got 1861 hours according to my steam account for GD. It’d basically be the end of me playing the game if I lost my characters/stashes (and the end of my income stream for crate, tangently). I mean GD is old school in a lot of great ways… but shuffling character backups and external stash programs is not one of them. But even if it was my own fault I’d still be just as done with the game - you would think crate has a vested interest in that not happening to anyone.

Who says they don’t have an interest in it? Then again, you do realize that Steam Cloud is… Steam’s right? They merely just hook into this Steam feature but other than that its functionality is overall out of their hands. All it takes to lose your characters is your internet hiccuping when it goes to upload your save, or some other muckery on the journey during the upload.

Game time means squat to me at… checking… 11,379 hours of my own. I have approximately one character currently at around level 30. It could disappear right now, frankly, and that would hardly influence my decision whether I was going to play again. Different strokes for different folks? Perhaps.

Each time i come for release date, each time i leave dissapointed.

That is quite true, actually.

They don’t post release dates. At least not until they are within a week or two of it and are certain of it.

That is quite sadistic of them. Dont they think obout all those GD junkies out there? Look at me, for example. Not knowing when i can put my hands on fresh GD dose is literally killing me.

Understandable :wink: It’s for a reason tho. It’s much worse to post a date and potentially miss it than it is to post it when they are right up on it and certain of being able to meet it.

We are all on the same boat dude, the same boat…

Unfortunately, unless there is a function of autoconvertion of unfiltered items into iron bits, there is not much use of the new filters as you still need greens for currency…

I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to lobby for Praetorian status. How depressing.

I like how that set looks. Excellent.

Great news! that’s the only thing I felt this feature was really missing .

I kinda agree, now that I think of it, for people who play legit and craft a lot and for anyone with less than a few hundred hours these filters might turn out to be quite useless. Myself, before I hit 500 hours I’d been picking even yellows, let alone greens, just to afford occasional crafting or trade. Just sharing my experience.

For true QoL similar filters should be applied to inventory and “sell all” command should be added. Even after you learn all the affixes and don’t need to look at stats selling loot takes forever. GI has auto pickup so I’m not mentioning that.