Could we tone down gravathul abit in SR?

Seriously this boss is so absurdly out of line compared to any other ones.

Usually a boss have one or two gimmicks you have to be aware of in SR to stay safe:

Madqueen - purge or dont attack her during buff.
Alek - dont get meteored.
Benjir - dont get crystal exploded.
Garboi and Ezukul - dont stand on volcanos, watch out for animation.
Zantari - dont get shotgunned.
Aether snake thing - get out of fumble pool.
Kuba - also get out of fumble pool.

Gravathul on the other hand every single ability of his is a gimmick of death, you have to dodge his instant death buff purging balls that go through mirror/blade barrier, avoid fumble HP reduction pools, avoid his charge with a 2sec skill disruption on top, avoid breath that now has been buffed to instant kill, avoid his increasingly deadly melee.

This thing is so problematic in SR because you have to devote so much attention just on him, and you cant always dodge his bullshit hp reduction null bolts because if you run into a Benjir + Valdaran, the Storm Scourge, they can trap you or teleport you right on top of those bolts and you are dead. You cant kite him either because he also charges with skill disruption on top, you cant tank either because he has fumble and HP reduction. This thing does so much crap and has millions of hp. Unless you aggro abuse every time (which is kind of an exploit…) you cant deal with him and another boss.

Every time i run into him its 10+ deaths until i finally aggro abuse correctly to kill one at a time in boss rooms. This does not happen nearly as much with any other ones. Also Gravathul can easily make your run impossible by pair with any stunner or healers. Kuba + Grava is stupidly hard, Kaimon + Grava can easily end your run, Grava + Aether snek + Kuba is one of the most cancerious combo i’ve ever seen and i usually forfeit on that rather than mash my head against a brick wall.

He needs his skilldisruption on his charge removed or his nullbolts doesnt remove buffs in SR. Hes fine in main campaign because it usually is just him, but couple him with any other boss it is a nightmare to deal with.


Yeah, It would be nice. Grava is a pain in the ass. Especially when you can’t aggro and beat him alone

Gravathul is probably the only boss that forces you to run around risking to aggro other boss even if you aggro abuse. The nullbolts chases you through an entire screen and you cant stand in his fumble hp reduction pool to face tank him. His breath is very dangerous now so facetank is harder too.

Also with bad modifier you usually gets intagibed across the screen from his charge.

And here I was thinking it was pretty lame when I realized I could just facetank gravas null in crucible because it doesn’t actually null you there…

He definitely feels worse in SR. So trade off null in crucible for SR :smirk:

Please don’t say this even as joke :smile:
Grava/ Arcane heroes stripping your buffs is real nightmare. Like being watered with ice cold water.

I was joking, but I do enjoy talking cold showers :man_shrugging:

Current balancing with Gravathul doesnt make much sense either:

In crucible you have buff supporting you yet Gravathul is nerfed to a kitten.
But in SR you have mostly shrines that have major drawbacks yet he keeps all his skills? Even Kuba lost the split. If Dev want consistency on difficulty surely you need to add Kuba split into SR too (that’d get people talking fast…)

Has any developers looked into this issue? Zantai?

Probably they don’t think is an issue? But this topic have been discussed multiple times since the beginning of SR era.

Grava’thul is the number one reason my SR run comes to an end. No other nemesis comes close to him in a small room in SR. He is my god. Have the developers never played against Grava’thul in a small room? It is the opposite of fun. I don’t understand Grava’thul. You want to melee him? You fumble. You want to cast and kite? He is fast and will catch you. WTF.

So the developers said they don’t think it is an issue?

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Grava is easier in Crucible compared to Main Campaign. Grava is harder in SR compared to Main Campaign. Balance? I mean Grava does not even use all his skills in Crucible, I think that needs to be changed. Same goes for arcane heroes, they never do shit in crucible. What’s up with that?

Whoever said that cruci 150-170 is like SR 65 or something is … well not thinking or experience the game the same way I do :slight_smile:

I can fully understand why someone uses GI just to see name and abilities of heroes. As a melee char, it is extremely hard to spot arcane heroes in a group

This might sound weird but personally, I am ok with Grava’s balls in SR.

Before anyone says that I only play pet builds, I do have a Ret Warlord which is melee. Had no problems there either.

The only time Grava causes problems for me is when he spawns with Benny and I get trapped, but I blame that on Benny.

If Grava is annoying, so are Anasteria, Kaisan, Slathablah etc

I just think its unfair that monsters in crucible are a joke compared to Main Campaign.

I was talking about in SR how they strip your buffs. No comments on Crucible :stuck_out_tongue:

It is annoying. How much, it depends on the other enemies in the boss room and the bossroom itself.
He´s Number 2 on my “Most Hated” list. Beaten by Mad Queen.

The skill to clean up your buff is very easy to dodge. However, he can silence you and the Aura of Agony is very dangerous.
I think he is nerfed already. Play SR 82 in v1141, just melt him down with the skills mainly with lightning damage type. (He has 97 lightning res)
Sentinel is bullsxit, slathsarr is bullsxit IMO, Grava is pain in the ass but he is doable IMO

Always depends, what you play. :wink:
Can´t look it up in GrimTools right now, but imho Sentinel is Human (Yeah, Anatomy of Murder!) and Slathsarr is Beast (Yeah, Huntress Devotion and Direwolf Crest!).

Sentinel is ELDRITCH
The ENDLESS wave–75% Reduced target’s Damage for 3 Seconds
The bullsxit INVINCIBLE rock:9 Meter Radius
+25% Offensive Ability
+12% Defensive Ability
+356 Health Regenerated per second
Increases Health Regeneration by 250%
+50% Total Speed

Slathsarr: totally destroy any melee build.

THESE THINGS ARE UNAVAIODABLE not like Grava. If you often do high SR runs, you will know some digusting enemy/combo that you can’t do anything even with insane pilot. Such as, an enemy can -750DA.

I will always choose Sentinel (Yes, only Eldritch) over Grava/Kaisan in Shards 70+.

Like in campaign, you have to kite him away from his rock, then he dies fast.

Yeah, even as someone who exclusively plays pets (sentinel has mindcontrol), Sentinel has nothing on Grava. That much I can say.