Could you fix the launch angle of attackprojectilefan? And bug of attackprojectileorbiting

attackprojectilefan and attackprojectilering always get a wrong launch angle while not many launch numbers:mad:

this means it’s hard to make a really 2 or 3 projectiles skill like V-shaped or Tri-forked

I can use attackprojectile for this. However attackprojectile only launchs several random angle projectiles

there is more problems on attackprojectileorbiting

  1. It will launch at a totally wrong angle frequently
  2. It will cost multiple mana because of the launch numbers

This means we can never use this as a base skill.

I can use a attackprojectile+projectileorbting for a projectileorbting skill, how ever bug1 also comes frequently. And this cannot get a alternate projectileDirection.

Many other templates that not used in the origin game have bugs…
I really wish they can be fixed ,and some new skill templates for modders.
:stuck_out_tongue: And if we can use LUA in the skills. We can implement tons of ideas.


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Have you tried starting out with phantomblade.dbr template? Skill_AttackProjectileBurst
The actual skill is already set up to how you’ve described how the projectiles should launch. (Maybe adjusted a bit wider depending on projectile size.)

AttackProjectileBurst works like AttackProjectile. It only launch projectiles only by random angle in a definite range, but not a fixed split angle.

you can found 2 projectiles in the 3 nearly have the same path …

This is more obviously with a larger rotation angle.

Ah I see what you mean. I was originally going to suggest Falcon Swoop. The same template also randomizes…:undecided:

Simple answer is that the template where created for a spell or a series of spells in particular.

They have limits.
And 50% of the game is hard-corded.

The game in the first place wasn’t built to be 100% modifiable.

I’ve seen your masteries on the field.
They work pretty well, I think if you balance the damage overall you have 3 insane masteries man.

Are you trying to over do-it? :slight_smile:
Just kidding :smiley:

Thank you~

To balance I think I need more feedback from the community.
:stuck_out_tongue: I just need some good template for implement ideas

now several skills of these 3 masteries are only succedaneum and not the thing I want it be…

Typical modding attitude, lol. It’s never enough for us! :furious::furious::furious:

:o Lua-based skill and APIs can give us all we need

But I’m afraid if this can be true:undecided: