Skill_AttackProjectileFan/Ring centering ideas

I’m making this thread because perhaps some of you might have an idea how to attempt fixing the following issue:

I mostly interested in Winter King’s Might. Doesn’t seem to be (at least easily) moddable to me.

So far my ideas to tackle it are as follows:

  1. Making this skill a combination of two Skill_AttackProjectileFan skills

    • one that’s just the middle of the 3 projectiles

    • one that consists of the left and the right projectiles

    And somehow casting these two at the same time but I’m not sure if this is possible.

  2. Changing the template to a different one.

  3. Hacking the angle somehow.

I’ve just found this topic Could you fix the launch angle of attackprojectilefan? And bug of attackprojectileorbiting

  1. Cant happen without procs, but then you wont have them active at the same time
    2 & 3 idk

If you want to investigate this, I would start with:

  • getting a normal cursor
  • checking if the projectile dbr has some weird value, but it is a generic fireball iirc
  • setting skill to 1 projectile to see if it persists (could be the skill fx)
  • setting a different cast animation
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I will but it seems to be an issue with all skillls and procs in the game using this template.
I tested 7 such skills. Also confirmed by a user with normal cursor :wink:
I also tested on dummies more or less if it’s just the fx but the damage range seemed to match it.