Couple of suggestions for improvement

  1. Regarding storage - Either storage should be global or you should be able to transfer from one facility to another like you can with the trade house. Right now there is no means to do that.

  2. Subset of storage - Production facilities with more than one person in them should be able to hike their own good to storage rather than wander away because they cannot work. Part of their labor should not only be stocking what they need to work but also getting rid of the overstock of what they produce.

  3. The Grazing - This should be done just like drawing out a clearing area (click and draw a box) and not a limited set square. Sometimes their fenced field ends up having to be long and thinner that the set limit with no way to enlarge the fencing. Still the same number of squares just a different shape.

  4. Populated areas should eliminate deer areas so that deer do not wander the streets or pastures where hunters should not be shooting arrows. That or you should be able to move that resource like you can with plants.

  5. If a character is bored because of no work, they should go out a be a runner (worker) within their area of coverage until they can work. I am thinking of Rat Catchers who do not always have rats to kill or military when there is not a raid. It is a waste of resources which right now there is a limit on them.

  6. Creation of an Inn - The traveling sales people are in town for a number of days and should have a place to spend “nights”. It could provide food for the citizens and serve a another gathering area as well as generate income for the town. It would also provide further approval and a fun factor/service for the town’s citizens. The approval mechanic would be like the pub you have now.

  7. Citizen militia - Right now there is a Mod that provides this but it would be nice to be a standard feature upon release. Those that go exploring for the flags to open up new areas, Miners, the herb gathers and fishermen are usually not near someone with weapons. It does not make logical sense that anyone even in fantasy land would travel without protection. Hence the Mod that is out there.

  8. I have 3 of the Wagon Masters (I forget the exact term) but still only have 1 cart going up and down a mountain hauling ore, mind you from only 1 mine at a time. I have a few suggestions in this regard. First, if the are going up to a remote area, they should be able to haul up supplies that are needed. Second when they are up there, they should haul back everything they can carry ( ie harvested wood, pelts and meat from hunters, fish from fishermen, herbs and greens from the harvesters and all the different ores being mined in that area. Third there should be more than 1 doing it. Fourth, where did the oxen come from? They just appear but we should be able to raise them as a resource to get as many wagons going as we can create. Fifth point is that they should travel to orchards and remote harvesters as well.

  9. Limits to the people we can have - I know this is early access and basically a sandbox type of game right now but I and a lot of others feel that the limit to the number of people is not logical. Right now my town had 992 people and 124 just graduated and are about to become adults. Not sure what happens when I hit the magic 1000 but it is frustrating to even go back to my thriving town to find out. It has been fun getting it there with only 5 deaths (most from plain age) and I would like to keep going but there really is not a point to now is there. I hope you see my point about the limits.

Default setting for population is 1k, but you can change that in the settings to make it unlimitied or even less if you want to play with smaller populations.

Deers actually can live very close to humans - especially during winter. Wolves are not so common near humans - i’d say the wolf dens should move automatically more far away from humans, but if there is something to eat near humans - deers are happy to come and get it.

Bears do ! They love honey and food, and can ruin a place for it/eat ! :joy: