Crate Entertainment Talks About Grim Dawn 2 Plans

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I hope there will be no GD2 and Crate just release one final big DLC to complete aetherials story line. GD is already an excellent game, one of my favorite ones. It deserves to stay with us for a looong time and not to be overshadowed by sequel. So, new game, new universe, new masteries and mechanics - would be excellent.

We already know that isn’t happening.

"powbam: and this pretty much confirms GD expansions are for sure done. Even tho ive already felt that.

Zantai: I thought I’ve been pretty blunt about a possibility of a gdx3, hah. All things considered, FG did very well, but it just doesn’t make sense for the team and for the game to bloat things with a third expansion. A 10th mastery would just blow up items."

12th July 2019 stream:

Any plans for the NPC found in the Fleshworks to make another appearance?

So his story is not going to finish with Forgotten Gods, his story is for things beyond. Which is more of a sequel.

Not saying you are wrong @enb but look at it the other way. If Crate doesn’t get any new money coming in, that would certainly mean the end of Grim Dawn. You can only make expansions for so long for a product.

A good example would be The Elder Scrolls Arena. Going by what you say, then us TES fans would still be playing Arena graphics over 25 years later.

Sequels are awesome if done properly. Grim Dawn was done properly. I can’t see why a sequel would make it worse. We would get better graphics, better features that couldn’t be implemented when Grim Dawn was created. More people would be playing Grim Dawn universe, either as new blood coming in or people who love Grim Dawn but stopped playing.

So sequels are great if done properly. Seeing how Crate has handled Grim Dawn (mind you I can be wrong since I started about a year ago) I would trust them for a sequel.

Maybe the sequel could be Grim Dawn the Awakening or what ever and not just call it Grim Dawn 2 and just keep going on, but there is a time when we need to buy a new copy so Crate can get a new influx of money, and we get a new engine for better graphics, smoother play and what not.

What ever we call it, I would love new content. Still waiting for the Xbox release. :slight_smile:

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Beside a last expansion would be a nightmare to balance. The game is already too big to support new additions at these times. Just look at the loot pool. Regarding game content like that, a fresh start is needed imo. And I’m really looking forward to it, even if it’s in a long long time.

That is awesome!! Enjoy grim dawn and can’t say that I would be unhappy to see 2. I would only hope for some type of special skin/item/…something for having part 1. Either way this game rocks!

Zantai said that an expansion is not enough to finish either Aetherial and Chthonian storylines. Only a sequel can do it justice.


I would actually love a Titan Quest remake - new graphics, new take on it, more masteries…

Or just TQ2. TQ is just more ‘magical’ as a setting. But I just can’t play it now after Grim Dawn.


Well, nothing to do with Crate so you have to hope THQNordic get around to making it.

This is fantastic news!!

If they do start working on Grim Dawn 2, I hope that they will do two things:

  1. Run a Kickstarter campaign - I think it wuld be very successful, and it would provide them with enough money to work comfortably on the game

  2. Do regular updates, in the format of Grim Misadventures. It’s a great way of communicating with the playerbase.

I also hope they stop working on Grim Dawn, the original, as soon as possible. They need to rest before taking up the sequel, and the modding community would benefit from a definitive version of the game.

I quite liked the early access phased releases. It would be nice to be able to semi-regular updates with new content. I’m guessing that a new engine would be a big part of the discussion for consideration for a GD2. It would also add quite a bit of overhead for the development, unless they went with another existing engine. It would also affect any kind of early access.

Well for me it’s not like i would mind a third or more Expansion and for me personally a Game can’t feel bloated. Still i understand and accept their decision and i’ve to admit at some point i myself want to have a Sequel as well. So if Crate say it’s time to move on, maybe throw out a small udpate here and there(though so far the update’s weren’t really small either) than i’m absolutely okay with that.

The year is 2025

Grim Dawn 2 : Eldritch Boogaloo is in alpha release.

Our protagonist is adventuring a century after the events of the Grim Dawn. Upon reaching the end of Act 1, the player sees the statue of liberty a broken bridge leading north into the ruins of old Devil’s Crossing prison. Praetorians everywhere celebrate realizing that, after all this time, they’ve just been traveling through Old Grove.

And then of course you can’t fix/cross the bridge because the Apparition of John Bourbon is blocking the way informing you you’ve reached the end of the alpha.

I hope Crate respects what “Definitive edition” means and stop updating the original game engine… Its getting ridiculous that they are shaming other devs by doing this kind of customer service…

Its about Time to move to Grim Dawn 2 : Lord of Pestilence: featuring a world ravaged by the coronavirus… this post pandemic setting will sell like hot pancakes

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…and the legendary loot is toilet paper, flour and yeast?

No need to do this again in another rogue-like dungeon not called “super market”. :wink:

Esta ai questão
se a historia e tao grande assim. não vejo porque não ter um grim dawn 2 ou seja la o que for.
Dinheiro suficiente pra um novo projeto não sera desculpa , porque este jogo vendeu, vendeu muito .e continua vendendo.
novas mecânicas novos gráficos que não sejam muito exigentes com uma engine amigável sera muito bem vindo.
Grim dawm ja e antigo e precisa de uma sequencia minha humilde opinião.

Seems the interview was split into several articles