Crate! We Want Third Expansion!

You making good money! Why stop now! More questions now than ever!

I know people will come now and say we need GD2, the game engine is old. But come on. Look GD1 still has so much potential

Who is with me for xpack 3?

Xpack 3- 10th mastery, new mastery levels… new chapter cause why not?

How feasible is this now? Have u changed your mind crate after getting no.1 global seller on steam yesterday?

Post away folks:p

Absolutely agree!

Already bought the full soundtrack and 2 copies of FG on Steam and GOG each.
Waiting for the Loyaltist whatever thing they put up to buy it - We need Xp3!

The World Needs GD XP3 Crate - just Do it!

I’ll keep buying them as long as Crate keeps making them :smiley:

You have my vote on more expansions. GD2 would be nice too ofcourse :smiley:

Either way the dev team did a seriously good job with GD. So hats off to them for that.

Honestly even an expansion that was JUST a new class & new gear would be amazing.

Thanks Crate for the awesome fun times :smiley: and for saving me lots of $$$ as I don’t have to shell out for other games.

It’s the other way round! :stuck_out_tongue: So, you know what you have to do! (doing my part by bringing new players into the game, ho yeah)

NO! STOP! Give us a glimpse of that Grim Town Builder project instead!

No, we need GD2 instead.

I will support GD2, but for the meantime having an immediate 3rd expansion for 1 would be better :stuck_out_tongue:

We are in need of the 3rd expansion for snow/ice tundra theme! I want to explore more of the world of Cairne, so much of the map needs to be discovered.

GD2 gimme gimme. :cool:

I’ll take GD2 instead. A third expansion for the first game would just make the game bloated (there’s such a thing as too much in one game), and a sequel in a new engine would allow a ton more than an expansion to the first.

I understand you point. But for the meantime, should Crate totally abandon GD1?. A major update could still be plausible right!?

Things GD1 still needs imho:

  1. At least one more rogue dungeon, could be eldritch themed!

  2. A snow themed expansion and could be named Bones of Asterkarn! A massive chapter dedicated to bones and undead in the snowy underground caverns and far deep mountains of Asterkarn ( lets admit that place is boring as hell when you pass there, so why not make it spicy by putting the entrance of the dlc there and branch out by creating a pathway of rifts to expand the area to the left. In the end they should end up creating a similar style map as of Korvan Basin but to the left instead.

  3. Add a 10th mastery if possible

  4. Create more sets and gear and make all builds have support

  5. Mastery levels wherein you can upgrade some areas of your stats like resistances, %damage, name it… also this can in turn be a dlc addressed to the devotion system wherein devotion system gets mastery levels as well

I know this is much more to ask for a team like Crate but anything is possible if we riot! :furious::stuck_out_tongue:

Now let me just go out and buy more copies to make this possible! :wink:

I think the game is very rich with content now and it has taken player choice to great heights. More is always nice but I don’t think GD needs more to feel complete.

Personally I’d rather see time taken to fine tune some of the balance issues in the game rather than more content at this stage. There are still plenty of weak devotions in the constellation, difficulty surviving for dw melee+some casters, health regen remains weak relative to adtch, weaker gear sets etc.

Even then if the sales do justify a 3rd expansion there are limited resources and only so many projects that can be undertaken. I think Crate will make a good decision on what to do next. If they did start GD2 (without announcing it so sales of GD1 are not affected), that would be pretty awesome though :smiley:

As much as I like GD, it doesn’t need another extension imo. I too am of the opinion that it would make the game too big.

However… I wouldn’t say no to an additionnal campaign, completely separate from the main one (except for the lore). Maybe with more restrictions or gimmicks ? There is still much that can be done with the GD engine, both in terms of gameplay and atmosphere.
Sure we have mods, but I wouldn’t mind GD devs stepping in and showing off what the community could achieve.

Something a bit like what Bioware did with NWN for those that remember:
-: they built a powerful game engine that could easily be modded
-: the original campaign was pretty mediocre
-: later they released better quality modules to show off what was possible
-: today, people are still modding and playing the game with even better fan made content

I believe a new campaign could help the modding community.

i agree with Norzan and others, as much as a third expansion would sound sweet once we will have crushed all of FG content (which will take me months so i’m not in a hurry :D), it will probably face a number of inconvenients :

  • as Zantai said, adding new masteries is more and more difficult, and i don’t see what areas they didn’t cover yet (OK add great new tools but also overlap with other masteries like Demo or Soldier).

  • they already didn’t raise the lvl cap for balance reasons (wisely imo), which also means no new tier of gear. i don’t see the place for adding even 50 new legendaries (which would be considered a small number). even more if there’s no new mastery.

  • i’m totally for an Eldritch-themed roguelike, which doesn’t necessarily need a third expansion (like PV and AG). it’s not likely to happen as Zantai said they don’t plan to add a new roguelike anytime soon.

tldr even if FG sell really well (which it’s the case according to Steam numbers) i don’t see a new expansion coming, better prepare for GD 2.

If I could choose between a 3rd expansion or Grim Dawn 2, I’d rather choose Grim Dawn 2. If I wanted even more content for old Grim Dawn I’d install mods.

But I wouldn’t say no to another loyalist pack :wink:

I would be up for an Eldritch rogue dungeon, that would be cool.

Yea I think the game is just right currently. Another full xpac would become too bloated and would prefer “GD2”
And even then, while I love the world of Cairn they’ve built (and appreciate medierra keeping away from the usual high fantasy) I think if they did another ARPG it’d be fun to select a different genre (I’m not sure what even, just something fresh like GD was/is)
All that being said, if they want to add another skeleton key roguelike dungeon in FG that’d be great :smiley:

Why not both? It is not a question of GDx3 or GD2… GD2 is a certainty at this point. It will just take time.

My wish is that GD does get third exp - it doesn’t have to be a big one - new mastery, supporting items, some snowy/arctic levels, a small chunk of some story (troubles in the North where you help a shaman tribe or refugees or something like that, in the vein of A Trip South notes maybe). It doesn’t have to have all that many improvements or qol features. Of course, snow and arctic environments are just what is missing right now. And it would be nice to round up number of masteries to 10. Also, I do understand concerns above, about more complications and balancing issues and developers getting tired of the same world, but it is my opinion, or wish.

Also, how much time realistically do you think a GD2 would take to get to this point where GD is now (in terms of content, balancing etc) - 5 years? 8? 10? Do we know where we will be and what in our lives will change just a year from now? Personally, I’d rather have a perfect GD (or near perfect) in the near future and then settle for a GD2 wait :smiley:

Ultimately, it is their decision and whatever they decide I am grateful for content we got so far. (and will keep my hopes up)