Crate! We Want Third Expansion!

I believe it’s a case of running “down the screen” e.g. South, gives the least amount of visibility to a player…yes I know you can rotate the camera but not all players do :wink:

Maybe if south automaticly would swap with north when you enter the realm? Basically the game turns it for you 180 degrees if you choose so.

It’s also a problem of coordinates.

Anyway, I thought people would try to make new maps too, but since it didn’t happen, I’m slowly working on it, amusingly with the same idea that was put on the first page (Asterkarn). Don’t get your hopes too high anyway, last time I did stuff like that was with Morrowind and it didn’t turned very good.

I will just keep praying fervently and I’d be happy and content if Crate adds a map even the same size as Pine Barrens area and pitch it near the Korvan region.

If you pay close attention we did not get to repair any bridge or dynamite a gate/cave in this xpac as far as i can recall

What you said also sounds kinda familiar. I know that both the statements said by you and me are true but am unsure of the timeline of things. Whichever statement came later on is the one I’d go with

Going south causes some elements\objects such as hills to block the view I have experienced that imyself while playing Map Mods. Someone with more modding experience or Z himself might be able to explain it better.

Also as Jaknet said, not everyone likes to rotate the camera

I finally got through all of FG campaign and am still in awe with the final boss. Grim Dawn has grown so much since its vanilla days. The music, skills, environments, and the final boss has made me want to see one more expansion for this game.

Crate has pushed this game so much and their creativity has grown, but I’m still wanting more for this game. I know many others want GD2, which would be great, but at their stage of development for this game I think they could really blow it out of the water with one more adventure with our Grim Dawn characters.

At least I would love to really see one more happen, then wait patiently for GD2.

we still have a looot of loose end in GD1, even if i will be happy to see GD2, we still need to understand where we stand and how the world is screwed over.

we are said that aetherial and chtonian are fighting over the world of cairn, but we still lack a simple knowledge of how big is cairn.

who know what they will decide but either way i will support them, because honestly GD is amazing, but i’m not like some saying the game risk to be too big.

for new player it can look impressive, but in all honesty, it’s far to be too big.

some idea that was pointed about what can be added with a furtur xpac:

  • an artic area
  • an asiatic theme area, it can be interesting to see how the dev see the asiatic culture in cairn world…if it exist.
  • a jungle area, even if i will have some ptsd of diablo 2

anyway, what we still need is more information about what is happening with the gods, forgotten gods begin to answer part of this, like from where come the witch gods and such… but we still have a few gods that stand around like mordrogen… i doubt it’s the only one.

on this, for GD2 i am the only one thinking that alice will have an important role into it?

Zantai - 1st March stream:

“Just in terms of the story to be perfectly honest I feel like to do the story justice at this point we need to do something much bigger than an expansion. And there’s all this stuff, those of you who are paying attention to the dialogue will know Ulgrim and the Emperor, there’s something going on there, the Emperor’s son, those are all big stories that would really need a lot of dedication to do them justice.”

He also said in another steam that while FG will answer some questions, it will raise others.

Why does everyone keep going on about Alice? :confused: Zantai’s said several times she’s a baby. Okay, maybe if GD2 is set 15-20 years further into Cairn’s future she might play a part, but any less than that …

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that why i have said GD2 we will know about alice, not GD1.
plus we have too the aetherial we can free in malmouth, showing that aetherial are not that monolitic anymore…

i’m simply a bit conflicted to imagine that we will not even get close of the imperial capital for see the hell that was unleash here.

yes GD need a 2 definitivly…
but at the same time, GD1 need to setup more the world, i want to see the world map and see how big this world is. for make the arrival of GD2 more amazing since i will know how big this place is.

without forget we have a lot of arkovian gods that are known… but what about the main gods… what are the fallen gods of the empire that everyone talk about? do they have only one… do they have multiple gods like FG seems to point out when they talk of the war that the god had…

i’m happy with FG that we did see more about the divine side of cairn… but…what i want now, is see more of the world. yes everything was lost, but we was able to push back chtonian and aetherial… i highly doubt that we are the only one front that arrive to fight back…

if they do a GD2 without introduce more of the empire, we will have no way to understand what was lost and why we must care about stuff like empire or country we will have no way to know.

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Zantai on reddit regarding future of Grim Dawn:

“The numbers are obviously still pouring in (don’t get me wrong, by all means Forgotten Gods is already a success and we thank you for that!), but we’ll have to see if financially it will make sense to do a third expansion.”

Just pull the trigger Zan!

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Shame on you. Here’s the rest of that quote.

"That may not necessarily be a bad thing. I personally believe that Forgotten Gods leaves Grim Dawn on a high note. It fills many of the gaps the original game was missing to us.

At this point, I feel that another expansion might start to actually bloat an already great thing. A 10th mastery, for example, would be very difficult to cram into existing gear without turning tooltips into a nightmare (some might say some of our item tooltips are already obscene). Raising the level cap would mean re-farming all the same gear again for the second time and I think the Devotion cap is just perfect at 55 points.

Are there more stories we could tell in the Grim Dawn world? Absolutely. Some of them are best saved for a sequel though, whenever that may be."

Also think about how long the guys have been doing this. Consider, seriously consider, that they may want/need a break from GD. This side of things doesn’t seem to be given much thought by the player base and I can understand that, but Medierra took a step back some years ago because he was beginning to feel burnt out after working on ARPGs for 14 years. It’s hard to keep the creative enthusiasm going when you’re doing the same thing day after day after day.

Its totally understandable, no worries! onward to the next misadventure then where we see the future of GD1 and its mini content updates :undecided:

Blizzard - Take Note!!!
There is a new kid on the block that is producing a game that has done what you should have done years ago and was what the community has been asking for. We don’t want stupid dumbed down console or mobile nonsense for the the sake of prettiness and play ability by kiddies. With “Forgotten Gods” Grim Dawn has now become the game everyone has been waiting for. I agree that another expansion in GD1 is very viable, and I for one would purchase without hesitation. GD2 is also a possibility, but I am scared that they may be tempted to go down their competitors route and destroy the game. GD2 if developed should maintain the same logic and paradigms as GD1, but utilizes the new Graphics and CPU functionality.

Honestly at this point in time I am actually not worried about them doing anything as limiting as online-only for a GD2. I do believe however that they ‘may’ attempt to have a separate server infrastructure (similar to D2 Battlenet) to better cater to that crowd. That’s all guesswork at this point tho.

I would be very disappointed if they did veer away from a moddable GD in future incarnations and hope they always aim to keep moddability a primary feature. Its offline moddable nature IS exactly what helps it stand out from both PoE and D3 and such a thing caters exactly to a crowd that wants a game with those features. Grim Dawn’s success may not be as sizable as PoE’s or D3’s but I think it’s clear that there exists a sufficient number of us that want these features, enough to sustain a respectable business upon and if Arthur Bruno’s recent posts are any indication he seems content with those numbers and relatively immune to greed when he already has a pretty good thing going for him.

That’s exactly the kinda shit I like to read/see from the head of a game company whose game I happen to love to play.

i get what you want to say and i’m onboard, personally i don’t think they need to add another mastery or even increase the level range, what missing to GD1 right now is making us understand how big of a mess we are into…

Aetherial are all the time saying we did loose the war and such, but it hard to believe it when all alone we are destroying them army and are cleaning the whole area of them…

i know the difference between lore and gameplay, but here i feel that only a small add can make GD feel more whole.

something like a world map that allows us to understand how small scale our action are soo far, plus they can add new area by using the port of malmouth we normally did cleans up. that will allows us to travel far from where we are and maybe get close of the heart of the empire and see the hell still rampant outside.

my fear, is… when they will do GD2 we can expect time to have pass in Cairn world many years probably and nothing from the cairn we know will be left… it’s sad to imagine them craft a world with soo good lore and don’t show us more of what was loose before let time and erase any trace of the world we did miss.

but that my viewpoint, as player, if they don’t do it… i will still be fine, because soo far grim dawn is one of the rare ARPG that i can say to my friend, play it you will not regret it.

ps: and naturally i will keep my eyes open for see what they will do next as game. but don’t forget a point, player that play GD are ARPG fan, naturally some can be enchanted by a new type of game craft by them… but for them if they come here they first coming as ARPG player, it don’t means they want to command the dev to do more of this and only do this… they only come talk of them love.

i’m sure some of the people that want more of GD1 or GD2 like other type of game, but being on a forum of an ARPG you can’t point out that player ask for more ARPG

We definetely do not need 10th mastery nor increase of level cap to justify 3rd xp and make it a success again.

Delving deep in more lore/areas coupled with some additional extra, but limited to keep away from significant power creep, character development system (like the Ascendancy idea i shared), maybe adding alternative item upgrade system - develop further the rune system - it would be more than enough.

Also since you have now the SRs they can just add more levels, challenges etc.

All of the above would easily net them 200k+ units if note more and it could be released relatively quickly (since no new base mastery).

I am glad this thread was spared of the rollback. Tis a good sign! There is still hope!:stuck_out_tongue:

Fun Fact: To those of you that had the Grim Dawn Trained Hard mod, you could active a “free camera” and “teleport” option. Meaning you could go wherever you wanted on the map.

There is (or was) still around the Old Grove, and lots of stuff scattered about everywhere, out of the normal boundaries. (buildings in act one for example, part of the Necropolis up around Burrwitch Estates)

Note that since GDTH can now longer be used (apparently), you can no longer teleport outside of the normal maps.

Yes, it’s clearly destiny…or because you made this thread within hours of the expansion releasing and so it fell before the backup. :rolleyes:

Again , i’d like any of them , more stuff for GD 1 or new GD 2 !:wink: