Crate! We Want Third Expansion!

They should let us finally repair the damn thing.

Then put a second, totally unfixable broken bridge 10 seconds walk later.

About Grim Dawn 2: a new engine can allow to develop more systems and new mechanics. It happened with Dota on the WC3 because Icefrog needed to use external sources to add new abilities and tools. In the end, he needed dota 2.

HOWEVER, it takes time to develop your own engine. You can get one from a third party but its better if your dominate how to use it. See the tragedy of Anthem with the Frosbite engine.

In either case, a GD2 may take years so…a third expansion can appreciated :smiley:

Which hack n slash current rpg has better engine than grim dawn? Id say none…

path of exile - broken with excessive pc requirements never capped over 100fps…and its too zoomed in. You wont see pretty fauna and flora like in gd.

Wolcen engine - its decent but its slightly worse than GD1. You cant call it a vast improvement.

Torchlight frontiers - that looks good but its more for kids with casual asthetics, the malmouth would look like a kids park in that engine.

Divinity2 - it could work except it would eat up all pc resources if they would use as much details as they use in GD.

Honestly playing gd at 160fps at 160Hz is far better experience than playing some “new engine” that would run at 40-60fps…

But please, add input of your examples so we can think if they can actually be good for gd2.

Funny how big deal labeling game as online would make you change your mind about game being not bloated. Sure, WoW has a lot of content, but if it was single player suddenly it would be nothing but complains from you, because it got its label changed. Game would be the same.

Who wants early access games that will have bare bones content. Look at harry potter books. No one is complaining - fuck her, why she keeps writing these books, its too much already. Nope, the readers just are happy about it. And the size of each book is massive. So pls either bring real arguments or think of something original to say.

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CryEngine, Unity and Unreal are currently the Big 3 (unless I missed someone)

Wolcen uses CryEngine, which is far better than GD’s. But the game itself is another matter.

Diablo 3’s engine is pretty good regardless of everything else about the game.

Lineage Eternal (got canceled and became Project TL) and Lost ark are mmo’s. So not sure if they count.

Because that’s how it is, both have different contexts. Online games are meant to last for a while, while single player games are not. A sequel to an online game means everything restarting anew and this could be literally years of progress. This could be applied to single player games as well, but again, different context. Single player games get sequels much more often because that’s how it has been from the start. People want new experiences, not go back to the same old thing they have been playing for years. And like others, and myself have said, new engine means new things that can be done, something an expansion can’t do.

And yes, i would complain if Grim Dawn had the same amount of content as long running MMO. It’s like having a giant pizza, it’s good at the start, but then you start to feel bloated and just want the thing to end. Things ending is a good thing, nothing lasts forever. That’s how we get new experiences. Specially when the game actively encourages alts.

I just realized that we have Avatar of Mercy as “First of the seven sacred virtues of humanity”, then Avatar of Order the second and Avatar of Chaos the third were added in Forgotten Gods.

We still have four sacred virtues missing! We could use another 2 expansions to fill in the hole it seems :rolleyes:

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I think you are thinking backwards. Grim Dawn 2 would have been the new state of the art of the genre with new ideas enabled by a new engine. If you read the changelogs carefully you would have realized how this old engine has severely limited the designers’ ability to do their things. They had to resort to work around engine limitations from time to time.

A very recent example of engine limitation is this.

Forget a 3rd xpac, bring on GD2 so I don’t have to be miserable when I have to deal with certain parts of the UI for more than 30 seconds.

At this point I think we can expect new content but maybe GD2 not expac. It makes sense

new content in the form of special quests akin to the hidden path quest, new rogue dungeon, item pack sets, moar items to the loyalist pack, more pets and more nemesis

You go realize that a GD2 will take 4-5 years to be released?

They should continue churning smaller expansions (with more areas, dungeons etc) in the meantime to make the bridge somehow bearable.

Otherwise for 3rd XP the best way to approach without increasing LvL cap and adding new mastery would be to introduce “Ascendancy path” levels.
It would be a mini skill tree with 8-10 Skills which can be leveled and unlocked by some special feats/story progress. Maybe we can have 5-6 Ascendancy paths based on our selected devotion path - like to unlock Skill X you need 5 Order points (from the devotion screen).
In simple words it would be like the Taken ascends based on his selection in the devotion screen. So if we have 20+ Chaos points - you complete your ascendancy as an Chaos affiliated ascendant etc.

Also we can have Rune Words in Grim Dawn or anything with Runes.
I feel the concept is very good but it was kind of in shallow waters in FG - the runes dont even have random prefix/sufix.

There are lots of options to introduce in XP3 and make it worthwhile without dilluting the game with more levels, masteries and item levels.

I agree with ur points except that if ever they decide on an xpac better have one more mastery to make it worth the while. Forget about new areas. i guess they said this also in streeam that if ever they decide on xpac 3 it has to have one new mastery.

but problem now is how can we convince them to make another xpac, what do we have to do to make it happen?

Expansion means stuff like adding a new class and making the game over saturated mechanically and story wise.

It needs a fresh platform. Quit while on top;)

We cant quit yet. Our MC is not yet on top ! :smiley:

Well I guess I will have just to wait on 15th on misadventure what they have to say. Whatever they decide I am up for it. But content update to gd1 is still viable maybe not a full fledge dlc but updates like side areas and expand the base game with more hidden areas improve boring areas by adding quests

They said many times that we can totally expect new content, areas, sets, probably monsters. Stuff like that

glad to hear all that but all of these wont matter if you quit GD so hang on Fluff:p

I’m more for GD2. I wouldn’t sneeze at any new expansions but I’m mostly happy with what’s already here.

Honestly I would be very interested to see talented and creative modders have a try at “expanding” the blank areas of the map, keeping within GD lore or maybe tentatively (or boldly!) expanding upon it.

All of this would be just too much. The game has enough customization already, it doesn’t need more.

Not to mention a ton of more balancing for something that is completely unnecessary.

The game feels more or less complete to me, the only thing missing is a shapeshifting mastery. Last I checked medierra/ zantai said that it’d be too much work for little reward. Sure an expac with only one shapshifting mastery would sell like hotcakes but I’d rather have them focus on Grim Dawn II.

Grim Dawn II if I understand means -

  1. Improvements to the base engine (Zantai already said they’ll continue with this engine so improvements make sense)
  2. Probably more focus on player choices that some odd feedbacks mentioned in the past.
  3. Shapeshifting which in-turn is tied to the engine improvements
  4. New Map, New Plot, New Monster Designs (chance of them re-using monster skeletons would be close to zero)

To me a sequel sounds better. Plus the devs have been involved with Grim Dawn for quite a while. Pretty sure at some point it was said that they want to take a break.

It is my understanding that all areas besides Old Grove can be explored. We have quite a lot of space up north and on the sides so maybe they can add some stuff there but Old Grove is something they have outright dismissed due to some camera angle limitation.

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Are you sure this is what he said? Unless I missed it there has been no confirmation regarding what engine they would proceed with in the eventuality of GD2. The last I had read was that it was still something to be determined and that they would like to, “if” switching to a new engine, salvage as much as they could from the old engine to use in the new.

I’m trying to think of how a camera angle limitation would even occur. It’s all “blank” outside map limits everywhere in the game. I don’t see how such a thing could even stop them if they really wanted to build in any area.