Crazy loot RNG

My other character was fire-damaged focused and would get mostly lightning gear drops. So my new lightning character is getting fire drops. I think the game is laughing at me.

RNGesus behind the curtain:
“darn it, he’s on to me !”

Lol, i heard you.

That's why i stop playing for now Yeah dammit i just restart… Fucking addict. The game itself is amazing but the fact that the loot is made like that makes me want to pop my eyeball with a spoon.

I already explain it on another thread. I tried multiple class (like i restart at least 20 time), and everytime i choose a build, 90% of the good item was not for me.

When you struggle to kill 3 champion who pops on you and stuck you, you try to survive, super combat, amazing thrill. Everyone dead, you see 6 blue on the floor and lots of green too. Not one, NOT ONE was for me (and that happend more than 90% of the time).

I understand that it’s not important it’s low level loot, but i can’t stand that.

And like i said :
Seriously, please tell me i’m not crazy.

This game have multiple layers of RNG right?

You literally don’t loot what you need, it’s just magical, it’s the word…

I did a callidor (fire) arcanist till level 30ish, 90% of the item i loot was +% cold damage.
I did a shaman primal strike (lightning) till level 20ish, 90% of the item i loot was +% vitality damage
I did an occultist bloody pox/sigil (vitality) till level 20 ish, 90% of the item i loot was +% lightning damage
Now i have a trozan (cold) arcanist lvl 25, 90% of the items i loot are +% fire damage…

Any way to disable this devil code in some .ini file or something?

At that point, there is not even lube, let’s go full dry

Look at this thread :smiley:

But, the community is awesome though…

I got to level 56 and I’m still using the same weapons I got at level 20 because all I get is fire damage when I need lightning. I’m talking about all bags filled with loot and nothing. Yeah, a break sounds good right now. But yeah great community.

You can probably target farm / buy some better weapons at your level if you’re not satisfied with RNG.

Come join us and pray with us!