Cream Puff - Traumatized Witchblade (With Leveling Guide)


I wanted to make a non pet build based on DoTs (Damage over Time). And I wanted to make it as lazy to play as possible.
It is not exactly optimized and the concept and other things were indeed unapologetically stolen from others.


  • [S&B Caster] [1.2] (g3) (L) (sr+) Cream Puff - Traumatized Witchblade (Maya)

    • Damage: Physical, Internal Trauma
    • Active Skills: Forcewave, Blood of Dreeg, Curse of Frailty, Blitz, Summon DeathStalker
    • Passive Skills: Oleron’s Rage, Counter Strike, Field Command, Presence of Might (x2)



Tree Sentinel Small ––



Crate of Entertainment:
Took around 1 minute. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Callagadra, Scion of Sands:
Took around 3 minutes. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Took around 4:40 minutes. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Ravager of Flesh:
Took around 3:40 minutes. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Shattered Realms, Shard 80:
No potions/consumables used except Tonic of Mending. Pretty safe and easy.



Build Details –


  • Kymon’s vs Vigil = Entirely upto you.

  • Witch Gods = They are not mutually exclusive and you can max your reputation with all 3.

  • Barrowholm = Upto you.

  • Anasteria = Doesn’t matter. Upto you.



  • Yellow Crossroads > Tortoise

  • Remove Yellow > Dryad > Stag

  • Sailor’s Guide > Purple Crossroads

  • Hammer > Harvestman’s Scythe

  • Remove Purple > Remove Hammer

  • Assassin’s Blade (4 points for Assassin’s Mark)

  • Solemn Watcher > Ulo the Keeper of the Waters

  • Scales of Ulcama (4 points for Tip the Scales)

  • Tree of Life (4 points for Healing Rain)

  • Obelisk of Menhir (3 points for Defensive Ability)

  • Ishtak, the Spring Maiden



  • 23/16 Forcewave, 22/12 Rending Force, 22/12 Internal Trauma.

  • 3/16 Menhir’s Will, 3/16 Counter Strike, 17/12 Oleron’s Rage.

  • 18/16 Blitz, 14/12 Blindside

  • 14/12 Field Command, 12/12 Squad Tactics.

  • 8/8 Decorated Soldier, 10/8 Scars of Battle.

  • 12/10 Military Conditioning, 10/10 Veterancy.

  • 13/10 Curse of Frailty.

  • 17/16 Blood of Dreeg, 12/12 Aspect of the Guardian.


Note - This is with the skill points given by items factored in.
Note II - 50 points in Soldier Mastery Bar | 32 points in Occultist Mastery Bar







(Click to Expand)

How to Level –


Everything into Physique, except for when you need to invest into Cunning or Spirit to meet the required stats for equipping items. It is recommended that you keep a few spare points while leveling.


We will be focusing on Hellhound, Familiar and Elemental Damage, since we are going for a Pet Occultist Leveling.

Soldier does not provide much for a Pet build. While leveling, you only need to invest points into it if you wish to make the player character more Sturdy.


  • Focus on the player’s defenses like Resistances, first and foremost.
  • Pet stats are the next priority.
  • Grab items that provide extra skill points to the skills we use, whenever you can.
  • Player’s Offensive stats are irrelevant here since we are going for a pet build.
  • Do not use items that convert pet damage away from Elemental.



  • Purple Crossroads > Shepherd’s Crook > Remove Purple

  • Green Crossroads > Raven > Rhowan’s Crown > Remove Green

  • Blue Crossroads > Eel > 4 points in Amatok (for Blizzard)

  • Yellow Crossroads > Tortoise > Remove Yellow

  • Sailor’s Guide > Crane > Panther > Solemn Watcher

  • Ishtak + 4 points in Tree of Life (for Healing Rain)



  • Lvl 10 – 16/16 Familiar, 1/16 Mend Flesh.

  • Lvl 20 – 16/16 Hellhound, 1/10 Curse of Frailty, 7/10 Vulnerability, 1/16 Blood of Dreeg, 1/12 Storm Spirit.

  • Lvl 30 – 5/10 Curse of Frailty, 10/10 Vulnerability, 1/12 Ember Claw, 16/16 Blood of Dreeg.

  • Lvl 40 – 12/12 Lightning Strike, 1/12 Aspect of the Guardian, 7/12 Bonds of Bysmiel.

  • Lvl 50 – 12/12 Manipulation, 1/12 Infernal Breath.

  • Lvl 60 – 12/12 Bonds of Bysmiel, 12/12 Possession.

  • Lvl 70 – 12/12 Storm Spirit, 12/12 Aspect of the Guardian.

  • Lvl 80 – 12/12 Ember Claw, 12/12 Infernal Breath.

  • Lvl 90 – 10/10 Curse of Frailty, 16/16 Mend Flesh.

  • Lvl 94 – Respec as needed, according to the build you are going for.


Note - The skill point investment does not factor in any additional skill points you may get from items.


(Click to Expand)


Save File : (869.7 KB)




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Resercreamybirbs 2

Final Creamy Birb and done.

Build updated with Tree of Life for some extra bit of tankiness :3

Build updated to be a bit more tankier. Damage remains more or less the same.

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Build changed to be even safer to play with a maxed out Menhir’s Will.
You can still die to things, but with the playstyle allowing you to kite easily + the tons of healing built in, you get to survive a ton before you need to even start worrying.

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My sleep deprived brain and thus crap SR skills approve this build :3 Especially since there’s no “oh gods, I have to faaaaarm” MI’s the require the right suffix/preffix :stuck_out_tongue:

And if, like me, you want to level as solider - 2hand transmuted Forcewave is your friend, hits like a tank, works easily and once you get Curse of Frailty’s physical debuff it’ll murderise everything. Can also play standard FW, but that requires more support for energy regen, because it’s an energy hog.

As for Sword n Board FW - that’s far more gear dependant, particularly for the MI mace the aetherial mutants drop, but it is doable and gives you Overguard as a form of protection. Which if you want to you, can take points out of War Cry’s first node to get it to 6/12 for the endgame version.

Speaking of which, why noes Overguards Maya? It giveths 150% to damages! And makes you more tankys!

Which is how I’ll do it, as I have a build waiting to be played that’s got the Octavius set, but hasn’t been developed that much from memory. So Octo-mess, now’s your time to shine!

(I’m totes allowed to say the above above, was awake until 2am and couldn’t sleep in, stupid brain’s been doing this since Saturday’s autistic meltdown /grrrr)

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I couldn’t find anything in the game that needed me to make use of Overguard’s extra tankiness :sweat_smile:

But yeah, it can certainly be taken for an even more tanky setup :3

Tested setup with Overguard (transmuted because CD is too long otherwise for my liking) -

was around 3:30 min kill, but tankiness didn’t feel like it increased by much. I assume it was because I am not focusing on shield blocking and the flat damage absorption from the overguard is less effective with Sunder in play on 1.2 :thinking:

Also tested it on Crate, but you can’t tank that one anyway + we don’t really need to rely on overguard’s extra defenses if we are going to kite instead.

Will run a few more tests with overguard just in case :3

Added my Soldier leveling part from this to the OP as well - IceCream - Budget Forcewave Soldier

Build updated to now include Overguard…

Reason being that Menhir’s Will can’t protect the player from 1 shots, which apparently is possible with the build…

Mogdrogen has become the hardest superboss in 1.2 :sweat_smile: (atleast, for this particular build).

Ravager of Souls also cannot be facetanked :frowning:

Budget Setup added to OP

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Did a bit more testing, this is how the build fares against different content atm -

  • Crucible - not really worth it given the nature of the build. you can survive everything thrown at you, but you are not going to be killing anything fast. If you wish to farm for gear then >

  • Shattered Realms - you are more or less immortal in 75-76 even if it is not the fastest build by any means. Pretty comfortable for farming.

  • Callagadra - Can facetank through sunder thanks to our high armor + phys resistance.

  • Ravager - Minds is easy to the point you can fall asleep, Flesh you can’t facetank since he will drain all your mana, Souls… will straight up murder you if you try to facetank.

  • Crate - Obviously cannot facetank or even “tank”. But, you don’t need to. Get close to him, unload your skills, run away > repeat. He will die without giving much trouble. Just avoid the Crates.

  • Mogdrogen - Will one shot you if you stand close to him or stay under his lightning clouds. You can use the lightning resist potion to help out in the fight if you wish, but even then, take extreme care if you are playing Hardcore.

  • SR 90+, is not really recommended since this is not a deep SR crawler.

Budget Build status -

  • Crucible - not even close to being worth it.

  • Shattered Realms - Farming 65-66 in Ultimate is comfortable, lower/higher shards are not really worth it in my opinion. You can switch to Elite if you want an easier time.

  • Skeleton Key dungeons - Take care against Morgoneth and Gargabol, but the rest should not cause any issues.

  • Totem farming - easy as heck. no issues with these.

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Sometimes, the call to Facetank is too strong, even if you are facing off against a God…

Took 9 minutes, and you still need to time your heals a bit instead of afk’ing.
But, it is done.

Build used has been added to the 2nd post of the thread :blush:

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Full test done with the Hardcore version of the build. While one may fault its lack of damage, its Survivability is second to none :3

Note - 1.2 is still in testing and things are bound to change. So, do keep that in mind if you decide to go for this build.

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The non Hardcore version was restored to its more offensive setup in light of tests done on the latest test build for 1.2.

The hardcore version remains same as before, for those who prefer a more sturdier char.

Hi Maya, were you to compare it with your IT Warlord, I guess Witchblade is better in terms of damage but less in terms of damage? How do you see things? Thanks!

Witchblade is just better all around.

You get more Physical Resistance, free Acid Resistance so that you no longer need to worry about that, an extra Heal on top of it and Curse of Frailty being so much better at applying Resistance Reduction compared to Guardians of Empyrion.

Downside I suppose is that you have 2 more buttons to press.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hey =)
Did this build change with 1.2? seems like a fun build just want to make sure it still works =)
Im going to try to clear the full game. :slight_smile:

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zero changes. build is same for 1.2 and works fine :blush:

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Thank you very much =) have a wonderfull day! :slight_smile: