Crucible Builds for LOW LEVEL Character (Speedrun)

I’m interested in speedrunning the Crucible which means the max level would probably be around 25-30. Since I find the Crucible kind of stressful, I wouldn’t mind starting out with something like a pet build, but eventually I’d like to do runs with other builds regardless of what I do initially.

I’ve looked at the Build Compendium, but since most/all of the builds are high level and also utilize end game gear, I’m not sure what would be good at a low level. The build for any% is devouring swarm/phantasmal blades so I might try that in addition to the pet build.

I am planning on going into the main game for a couple levels and devotion shrines so please give me some ideas on early devotions to go for. I probably won’t have more than 10-15 devotion points max so again the build compendium is of minimal use.

My goal is to just do the first 150 waves. I’d also prefer to not use gear from shared stash, but if I’m unable to do the run quick enough I might resort to using gear (set armor only requires level 20 iirc, so that’s something I’d maybe do as a last resort).

No reason to come to crucible with less than a lvl 100 char imo

This isn’t for farming. I want to do a speedrun.

Speedrunning Crucible is the most endgame thing you can do in GD. Get a char to lvl 100 and gear it up to the max first.

Check out my guide Ultimate Guide To Crucible Speedrunning - CoD 3b/VB Edition. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ya1 low level speedruns/dueling is a pretty common thing in ARPGs… there are dedicated communities for that also.

Running on a mod for blocking exp?

I’m not sure what that means (unless you’re saying use a mod to prevent leveling so the mobs are easier), but what I want to do is start a new character and try to do the first 150 waves as quick as possible like they do in any% speedruns:
Thanks for the guide though :smiley:

You might be right about the Crucible not being for low level characters. I was able to complete 150 with a high level character that had decent gear (only on Aspirant), but I got rekt when I tried doing a new character from scratch. I’m not that experienced at the game so I was thinking maybe I just need a better build.

I meant a mod that would stop the player from leveling. If someone insists they wanna run at level 50 and not 51 then it would be impossible without such a mod. You level up too quickly in GD.

Anyway, good luck.

The speedrun being mentioned by OP is the type where you start timing your run from the moment you create your character, to the point where you first beat Aspirtant Crucible 150. This is similar to main story any% where your run starts from character creation to the moment you kill the final boss (Log for base game for example).

The speedrun mentioned by Ya (more commonly known as time attack) is the one that people around here normally do, in which case you try to clear a set of crucible nodes in the shortest time possible.

I see. The Crucible would be easier if I was a lower level. I don’t think I could do that in the type of speedruns I want to do, but I was thinking if I farmed tributes and then went through the main game for devotions, I wouldn’t level as much, but even then I might level too much.

And yeah, I didn’t realize you guys typically did something different that you also referred to as “speedruns” :laughing: so there was some confusion. I haven’t really done much end game content so far, but I might look into that if I ever put together a good build. There’s actually one from Dark Souls I wanted to do, but I’m still not that stocked up on enough legendaries to complete a build.

A Dark Souls build in Grim Dawn? tell me more :slight_smile:

Seems like the only thing missing from GD to realize your vision is no cooldown rolls with invincibility frames.

It’s called ‘Giant Dad’. If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a video on Youtube called ‘He’s Back’. I’m not going to link to it partially because it has offensive language (also somewhat off topic), but it’s not hard to find if you just search for ‘He’s Back’.

Basically, it’s called Giant Dad because it uses Giant Armor and Mask of the Father. It’s a min-max build that uses a Chaos Zweihander (which doesn’t scale with STR/DEX/INT/Faith so only needs minimum requirements). It pumps all stats into health and endurance and also uses the Black Flame pyromancy.

I don’t know exactly how it fits in with Grim Dawn as I don’t know everything about the game, but the Physique meta certainly applies and then there’s Chaos/Fire damage and that Demon’s Breath ability kind of like Black Flame.

Offensive language isn’t prohibited in these forums. As long as you don’t use it too excessively in a single post I guess.

What? :woman_shrugging:

I have done a full 170 aspirant crucible speedrun before.

I have not submitted my run to because the run was not optimised, there is not much interest in crucible and crucible needs it’s own grim dawn page on The speedrun community did decide that I am the person to manage it so it looks like I have to go ahead and do it since you seem interested! There is a discord speedrunning community

Clearly my run is not optimised because of mistakes and the death before wave 150 which was a big set back. Tribute farming is the most irritating thing about the run.

Gladiator speedrun is incredibly hard to do in one sitting. I actually tried before but it was brutal and never tried again. Challenger attempt would have made most sense and it would have been interesting to see how my character would have fared.

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@idontwannaknow0 Thanks. I’m not sure why I didn’t see that when I did a search on Youtube. Maybe if I had included any% in my search string…

Anyways, I should say that I’m not a competitive speedrunner so I probably won’t make (m)any improvements. I don’t have the DLC yet so I’ll just be doing 150 waves, but I don’t think I have the stamina to do all 170 even if I did have the DLC :sweat_smile: