Crucible for Mod character

Why is not possible?
I mean I can cheat it taking my saved game in user directory and copy into main + GD Stash, but really why just not allow it directly?

That’s really a pity

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Grim Internals will now allow you to play Grimarillion characters in the Crucible. Whether Glockengerda will add that possibility for other mods we’ll just have to wait and see

Yep, it truly is a disappointment, but the reasoning for it is that crucible itself is a “mod”, at least in the way the game perceives mods. I suppose this way crucible can be optional for multiplayer, and even if you own it you can play with people who do not own it.

As medea suggested, there is a way using GI but it only works with grimarillion atm. If there is a massive demand for it, maybe she will add support for other mods?

you cannot really do that in most cases, as mod specific items and masteries get lost that way, so the only mods this would work for are ones that only change some data from vanilla GD, e.g. increase drop rate or mob density

Thx all for the clarifications, actually I’m just using the mod “Smash’N’Grab” that increases density/exp/bag size.

I see that actually it augments also max devotions, but I do not like that and I prefer “vanilla build” (it seems to bit cheaty to me having more devotions).

I’m also looking at Grimarillion (good it can be supported), but also GrimReborn, Reign of Terror.
Actually there is so much to experiment that it will be lovely to have crucible supported for those too.

Honestly with all those builds that are possible to make, for my playstile having increased exp and drop rate (still be almost impossible to be so lucky to get the item you aim for a build) is almost a must that’s why “Smash’N’Grab” is what made me come back to play this game.
Before it, I never cap any char because the exp rate is terrible after 60ish imo.