Custom transport routes (wagon)

Hello again,

I really like the mechanic of transporting wares from far away mines and camps to your city using the wagon depot. But afaik the only transport options are to and from mines and work camps (happening without any player input).

A great addition would be to be able to make custom transport routes to supply a second willage for example or to transport other raw resources from one end of the map to a specific storehouse/yard.

Example: You can assign one or more storehouses to a wagon depot. Then you can choose a few wares that you want to be transported (from unspecified nearest sources) to a specific storehouse. The wagon then does nothing other than delivering the wares on this transport route.

This would make hunting or gathering outposts and small secondary villages much better.
Right now the workers seem to be walking around too much between places.


Definitely we need that, and Iā€™m sure this was asked previously.

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