Daega Set conversion doesn't make sense

https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/158 - Daega set.

Full set grants full fire to acid conversion, and bonuses to Path of the Three. However Path in itself already gives you massive fire to acid conversion. Just equipping the set and getting maxed Path (20/12 with full set only) already gives you a whopping 156% fire to acid conversion. I understand that removing fire to acid conversion from path is not possible cause it gives Z old Star Pact PTSD, so I suggest to either (a) remove Path of the Three support from Daega Set and move it to, well literally anything on Oathkeeper, maybe Judgment or Celestial Presence or (b) remove half of the set conversion and give it some useful stats. OA/DA. some more retal maybe.

I’m aware epic items are getting universal buffs next patch so I guess this is a good time to make the suggestion.


Damn, Now the forum is easier to seach…you’d figure there would be less repeat threads.

OT, this set needs some adjustment. Here’s an older thread with the same concerns listed by OP.

I personally feel that the set should have been primarily targeted towards Pyro. (ie, Daega working for Demo conversions)

Fire->acid with OK is over-done already with many item combinations available (Po3 + belt already gives full conversion). And the DoT retaliation of Daega fits better with Demo’s burn (dot) concept.

sees one repeat thread


Seriously it’s not like I made a “hey guys i want a build focused around acid retal rune of hagarrad can you give me one i don’t have gear ty” that I should’ve just looked at the compendium before I even had to post.

I should have not put that first line in such a manner and could have said “you are not alone, here is another thread” . My bad. Now we are off topic. (I need to work on my writing skills).

But back on topic. This set definitely needs a rethink.

This conversion should be changed for sure, but need more than that. Daega should become 94lvl epic set with bigger bonuses and armor to be useful.

I laughed :rofl:

Daega is a pretty decent set. What it needs is %retal on the armor pieces, and some god damn OA/DA

May be unpopular opinion, but I think epic items should be almost comparable to legendary items. Only difference should be no item skill modifier in epic set.

This daega set however, caster armor at L82 items doesn’t even have 1k armor. This always stop me from using this or corruption set in end game.

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@thejabrixone: IMO, the armor value honestly doesn’t really matter since you can get ~45% phys res with bramblevine shield

For corruption set and other epic L82 caster equipments?

No, sorry. I meant for daega set

So you are content that this set is targeted at just another DEE Sentinel ? :man_shrugging:


When you look at most other epic sets you’ll find that they’re really just generic stuff which makes sense. They’re supposed to be placeholder items before you get your legendaries. Legendaries on the other hand, many of them are wacky and some are even there just for the sake of it. That’s where you get creative.

But knowing that epics get a global revamp nexy patch, who knows if zantai changed his mind?

I have always felt that (94) epics should stand on their own. And not this placeholder [vanilla] philosophy. A lot has changed since the original conception of GD, in terms of both item concept and power. Yes, this set is not 94, and I suppose you could argue that at 82 and restricted skill points, you can get full conversion without a full class investment in OK (Po3). :man_shrugging:

For one example, items having only a resistance to their particular damage type was an original philosophy. - and this has changed.

Since items are so fundamental to GD, moving away from this old concept would be much better for variety.

I guess we will see.