[DAIL POLL] Mastery Assimilation

Ok Heroes, the DAIL compilation has a slot, possibly two, available for mastery assimilation. I hate that we have to do it this way, but 30 is all we have to work with right now.

Zenith: Champion, Outrider
Dawn of Heros: Mage, Voidcaller, and Mercenary
Demon Hunter


I’m going to taint the poll by adding my bias :p. My choice is Demon Hunter. Devs of the other classes already have mastery content in DAIL. I think new talent should get a chance to showcase their work.

If, by the end of the week, I don’t hear back from a certain dev, I will take the top two for assimilation.

You missed the Outrider from Zenith fyi.

Personally I’d like to see a DoH or Zenith mastery. I think they’re more complete and since they’re mods with multiple masteries (some that are already in DAIL) their masteries fit in better with what there already is. Mage could be cool to combo with Elementalist, though now that I think about it the only melee dual-wield masteries right now are Nightblade and Warfare, so Mercenary wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I’m not really familiar with the missing Zenith masteries, but I know Outrider is ranged weapon based so if you’re looking to add that kind of mastery I’d prefer that over Demon Hunter.

And I put it in the wrong subforum :undecided: Hold off on voting if you want the Outrider. I’ll try to get Jiaco to fix this.

Could we possibly get the 2 necromancer classes condensed together? opens up a slot. they are similar themed anyways.

Same issue as removing Grim Quest masteries, you completely destroy any character currently using what exists already in the mod.

This is you if you vote for anything other than demon hunter

Now I know I can’t take you seriously.

Well, I think it’s quite obvious that GQ masteries (aka TQ masteries) are not quite fit for Grim Dawn. Yes, they were created for TQ and worked fine there, but in GD they are certainly underpowered, no matter how you try to tweak their available skills.
The point is that it would be better to sacrifice someone’s characters than to have 7 mastery slots occupied by something that doesn’t really work well with the game. Of course it will probably hurt someone, but hey, sacrifices are always have to be made.

I’ll see what Davood thinks about this. The GQ masteries are also part of the Grimarillion mod and fit into their concept. I could see DAIL giving up those masteries so they are unique to Grimarillion.

They do work there, but there are always lots of other masteries as we can see in the poll. The final decision is on you, of course, but I would prefer to change all those TQ masteries for something absolutely new and more complete.
By the way, the same goes for (h)Arlequin, in my opinion. Is it unfinished? Or it’s supposed to be the way it is now? If so, then, if I were you, I would certainly get rid of it to free the slot for something else.

I’m planning to follow your advice and make a branch of the DAIL mod to rework exactly those masteries. As others have said, they have a dedicated compilation and overall while fully working they simply don’t feel on par with the others like Coronus or Cenobite (just two examples).

The idea is that since the base structure is already included, i can focus on change the skills to have a backbone and then add more passives/modifiers/support skills to make them mroe interesting. How does this sound? Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss this in detail. I’m willing to give a hand and help with this, since it’s a great addition to the game and i want to be a part of it.

Btw, you are missing the Stalker from DoH, also a new mastery is almost completed and will be uploaded today. But considering how broken are Frost Knight and Priest in DAIL for over a month, I’ll vote for Demon Hunter :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s really bothered me. I’ve basically had to report it for every recent version of DAIL that’s come out.

I also vote for removing TQ masteries as to make Grimarillion much more unique and doesn’t really work in Raid mode nor in the upper/uber levels of DGA. I also suggest that the Arlequin (unfinished) be removed and maybe make a seperate poll for keeping only one of the two necromancer classes as they both ultimately have the same concept/playstyle.

If you guys want to remove the TQ masteries I’m down with that but I can see why Kathanious thinks its fit into thier concept, since they out of nowhere launched thier own compilation of mods…maybe it was implied? or I’m reading too much into it. Anyway that being said kath you should take a look at radience of life for the priest, it seems really really really really strong(the celestial power) last time I checked you can heal from multiple sources even with a primal strike+falcon swoop each projectile/lightning healing for the amount said within the celestial power without triggering cooldown

Grimarillion isn’t a compilation to compete with DIAL. It’s a collaboration of the associated devs to create a well rounded mod in their image. DAIL was meant to be a compilation for compatibility purposes.

I think the release of Grimarillion is a great thing for DIAL and the modding community. We see devs coming together to collaborate. Two unique projects will exist. More content, more options for players, and perhaps more interest in modding, etc.

I had no interest in modding, but I enjoyed playing DAIL. Davood needed help and I didn’t want to see this project fall apart. DAIL isn’t a closed project and you guys/gals have good ideas. You are welcome to join and learn with me. What is learned may motivate your own future projects. Grim Dawn modding community - win win :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an on going thing. There really isn’t a standardized way to create and release a mod. On top of that, merge that mod with others. Davood was been working on that mastery but again, with his limited time it may require someone to step up.

The Arlequin is an unfinished mastery. If TQ masteries are given up to Grimarillion, we’ll have plenty of slots to keep all the other mod masteries.

This is all up to Davood. He may put me in the hole for even suggesting such a thing. If he is ok with it, another poll may be in order. But for now, lets continue to poll this with the expectation that things will remain as they are.

Down with TQ masteries!