Damage Reduction effects

Does damage reduction effects stacks on enemies? i have 25% from war cry and 20% from oleron’s blood. or will work only the strongest?

Only the strongest.

Mechanics of damage reduction

In the game there are 4 types of damage-reducing settings:
Percentage of total damage (X% reduced target’s damage) - red pictogram of a broken sword

Absolute Total Damage (X reduced target’s damage) - red icon of a broken sword

Physical damage percentage (X% reduced Physical target’s damage) - yellow icon of a broken sword

Percent of elemental damage (X% reduced Elementall target’s damage) - blue pictogram of a broken sword

They all work exactly the same way like RR (x, -x%, x%).
Reducing the same damage does not stack, but the maximum is effective.
Reductions of different types work in parallel

thanks comrades

So these reductions -

Ravenous Earth - Decay - -% Total Damage
Ill Omen - -% Physical Damage
Nullication - -% Elemental damage

All stack? Also Ill Omen and Ravenous state for 1 second, is that for for 1 second total or for the 1 second after the damage hit them