Damn you to hell Father Kymon!

This boss ate my 4th HC character yesterday. Got crit by one of those lava fountains. I was only Elite this time… Oi. Any tips making the fight easier?

Overcap your Fire resistance by at least 20. Try to get good levels of Armour/Armour Absorption, Physical resistance and any other notable way of mitigating damage from your masteries or devotion (flat/% damage absorption, reduced target’s damage etc.). Getting an additional buffer of DA can help as well as he passively reduces it and has an attack that shreds it further.

I find his worst attacks by far are the stomach burst and the leap and he’ll usually chain them after each other for a pretty deadly combo. In a few recent runs I did, I was playing carefully to watch out for the stomach burst and immediately Displacement runed away when I saw it coming and kited away from the leap before continuing to engage.

Last thing to note as well - Kymon is a monster of a fight. Especially on Ultimate, most of my fully geared characters still have a hard time either dying once or coming close. Only my tankiest characters can facetank him without fear.

yes both the fissures and his shotgun deal a ton of physical and fire damage so you need phys res and fire res for 1. Armor is also handy.

don’t get hit by the dangerous debuffing lava pillars at all. study the pillar’s spawn pattern. make yourself tankier since there is very little room to manuever, also because kymon is fast and can instant jump to you.

hug the walls. i find that they are rather safe spot from the lava pillars, if you can find the right lull between pillar spawns to move to hug the adjacent walls while somewhat facetanking kymon.

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Those flame pillars are easily avoided if you keep close to the hole in the middle.

Doesn’t the center overflow and become a fire pillar? I was right against the center rail when I got KOed

Kymon is a tough cookie for HC man. You need to have good defensive stats across the board to be comfortable facing him even on Elite. Good armor, resistances overcap, regen. And it’s best if you kill him fast. I suggest skipping him on Elite and moving to Ultimate.
If you really want to beat him though, I suggest one of the immortal regeneration builds, either a Commando or Shieldbreaker. Even a Sorc will do. High regen specs are a bit forgiving if your overall defensive stats aren’t up to snuff.

Really? I’ve never seen that happen. Maybe it happens if I let FK live long enough? I never tried that :sweat_smile:

Hit me up on steam if you want to talk about it. I’ve killed Kymon on HC on Ultimate about 1 billion times to farm Nemesis rep with the Eldritch Horrors.

edit: I am Olympeus on steam. I’m not sure how else you find me. (Discord if you want?)

He’s a cupcake.

(note: I’m not sure that I really “know” the mechanics of the fight, but the way I’ve fought him has been very reliable).

p.s. lava fountains are the f*ing worst. Dravis and Gargabol and their lava fountains…

The best way to kill Kaimon is to become so farmed and stacked with damage/rr he dies within 10 seconds before any of his dangerous phases.

Honestly this actually applies to most bosses in the game, alot of their butthole plucking abilities are stacked behind a timer. Gravathul will never use his bolt if you manage to vaporize him before he uses it, which is to say never :rofl:

Look at GT’s monster database to learn what’s killing you. Father Kymon is EXTREMELY dangerous. I would know because I pilot predominantly glass cannons.

The trick to kymon is to bait out his pounce. You do this by…

  1. Not moving for ~1s
  2. Immediately moving or dashing away from the spot you’re at.
  3. (For bonus swag points, dash towards kymon as he’s leaping. You’ll damage him, but he won’t damage you)

Once you’ve baited out his pounce (it has a 7s CD), he’s immobile for 1s. This is when you get right up in his face to bait out his lava shotgun.

The moment you see him trying to chest bump you, dash tf away.

Now you have about 5s to unload the pain on kymon. He’s pretty harmless without those 2 skills.

Why are these 2 skills dangerous?


^Stats listed is for kymon in ultimate

So…900 cunning is approximately an additional 400% physical damage, and 800 spirit is an additional 350% magic damage.

In other words, each projectile from kymon’s chestplosion does…
524 * 5 = 2620 physical damage
529 * 4.5 = 2500 fire damage

Couple that with the fact that his pounce shreds DA, and his chestplosion melts armor… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a gif with demonstrating how I outplay kymon on glass cannons in unbuffed/unbannered crucible.

Obviously each mastery offers different forms of defences against enemies. The trick is to always find the best way to maximize the tools provided by the class combination you’ve picked.

While the mechanics of each defensive stat works the exact same way on each and every spec, the amount of utility a certain class combination might get out of e.g. armor varies.

So…build to your strengths, while finding ways to shore up your weaknesses.

I hope this makes sense.

Or you could take the time to learn the combat mechanics of enemies and outmanoeuvre them


Thank you for the informative response.

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Not trying to be a wise ass, but if you have no circuit breakers like MoT or mirror, it’s a good decision to simply step away from the shotgun.

He leaps then belly barfs those boulders on you.

Be aware that the damage from those come with a delay. While you see the animation and the boulders on your char, the damage actually comes 1 sec later.

This is deliberate design by crate, as it allows a player to just back off when they get the visual sign instead of getting insta gibbed. You can use a mobility skill/rune or just walk away 5 m :slight_smile:

They use the same delay design on many other bosses like Seals cast on the ground by Kra’vall or other bosses with seal. The seals do not do immediate damage, allowing you to step off of them

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Right, same thing with brother segarius’ and sister wotsherface’s fissure. You can literally watch them form underneath your feet. Just stik 'n move, bob 'n weave.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

gargabol and ekket also have delay but in a different way. The fissure will hit you pretty fast but both do a little dance before they do

But no monster in GD dances like Zanta!..err…Zantarin


Im pretty sad that Zantarin is a meme nemesis at this point who serve as a target dummy and a way to push shard levels.

He really just does nothing and often bugs out enough to not even use his shotgun.

He only shotguns if you’re too far away.

I also wonder, why would you want to get to FG content on Elite. I usually complete AoM and FG content on normal, and skip those in Elite. Facing tough expansion bosses is kinda hard, cause most probably you wont have great items at ~60-80 level range, and your armour would suck too.
Fight with Kymon gets much easier if you have decent armour and flat absorbtion. Maxed Inquisitor’s Seal is a great helper here, for example.