Dark vines archon


Just Another dark one’s character . A poison archon this time, with the new nightshard shield. Poison grasping vines worked pretty nice.



i changed to these ring (after the suggestion of Ulvar1) and pants. Results are more or less the same. I got the time to 16-17 min for sr 75-76 (i have problems uploading to youtube, i will upload and link video results as soon as i fix the problem). The pants are better than the ones i had, the ring is debatable if it’s better or not but i’m keeping it since i like MIs in my buildsGrim%20Dawn%2011_12_2020%204_01_34%20AM%20(2)


  • Durable


  • Damage could be better in some cases (high sr)


Devouring swarm - 15
Guardians of empyrion - 27
Acid spray - 28
Rumor - 30

Total - 100


Abomination and Yugol are the 3rd tier choices. Murmor and manticore are mandatory for rr. Eye of the guardian for some heal. Ghoul and giant for defence. Rest is filler.


Double wendigo totem for good sustain. Fully poison Grasping vines as the main skill. Transmuted Righteous fervor for melee attacks. Devouring swarm for rr. Scorpion strike and vir’s might for movement and ascension for the buffs.


Dark one’s set. Conduit for fully converted grasping vines. Misery for same reasons as before. Nightshard for -15 poison rr to grasping vines. Black matriarch rings for poison and physical damage. Mark of lethal intents for the vines buffs. Wildblood girdle for the + to wendigo totem and grasping vines. Stonetreaders fit well and pants … well i’m still looking for something better.


Levelling as a primal strike/storm totem lightning focused shaman and then respecing at 94 seems like a smooth way to go.


The newly added shield is cool, all in all a fun build.


Dark vines archon vs Lokarr

Dark vines archon SR 75-76 17.30 min


sr 75-76 16.00min (with setup mentioned in the edit section)


Very creative use of the shield and acid vines :+1:

btw the Black Matriarch is phys RR and 2 of them wouldn’t stack


Thanks! i missed these things!I edited what needed to be changed

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some nice viloth rings could be fun

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You’re right! Probably i will make the change later and then post the results mentioning your advice!

you will loose +4 to fervor skill but get path of 3 up and also potentially getting good stats.

Pants could use upgrade too, maybe “great pants” or “arcane harmony”?

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Hi, nice build. I have a question about the pants, why are you using those? Wouldn’t something like grava pants (more RR with + celestial presence) or boneweave be better?

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Hi! I’m not min maxing my builds (if it’s good enough with potential for more, i stay with good enough and don’t really bother to find bis items), so the pants are good enough for my standards(good offensive % stats, resistances, adcth, oa,da) . Haven’t tried boneweave or grava pants (on this build) but your way of thinking makes sense(more rr), they should be a good fit! ( i’m not playing much anymore, maybe i’ll try the change some time) . Grava pants with good stats would be better than boneweave in this case i think. Anyway, thanks for the idea!

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you can switch weapons to a mythical mindwarp for more -rr and thus more damage, but you would have to re activate your components on main set.

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Mythical mindwarp could be an option but i prefer misery to fully convert grasping vines and it fits thematically to the build. Thanks for your comment/idea!

Hello! I really like your construction, but I have a question. I’m in the part where I have to choose a faction (Homestead Rift), which is more beneficial for this build: Kymon’s Chosen or Order of Death’s Vigil?
Thanks a lot!