Darkblaze Conversion Discussion

Was tinkering a bit with the Darkblaze set today and while doing so I was wondering why on earth it’s amulet would have vit to fire conversion

when the set clearly want’s you to play chaos as can be seen with these modifiers.

Therefore I’d like to suggest changing the conversion to either vit. to chaos or fire to chaos (which would make the most sense here imo, seeing how you want to build for the set) like in the head piece instead.


Although it seems odd, the set is fire+chaos. Thematically it seems ok. The ammy can be used without the set for some conversion fun, as it is the only amulet with global iirc.

Idk if it is tremendously detrimental to the set, as Second Rite is more dot than flat, and it’s only 1/3 loss of a value which might benefit more with some fire conversion.

Also iirc, vit-> chaos global for the set can’t take advantage of the only belt/item- or other items with conversion due to slots taken - so…maybe some MI medal with skill level conversion vit->chaos to FS would be beneficial.


I just noticed that the ammy has no % fire! I’d say that is more of a design conflict if indeed the set is intended to support fire as well. It certainly is a bit of a slap to force conversion but give no % damage support.

Its fire part is very much cosmetic. This is a pure Chaos set that leans super heavily into huge chaos flat that Occultist can amass, has chaos based weapon, gives chaos RR and converts most of Fire Strike into Chaos.

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Has a 2/3/4 piece Darkblaze been used for any fire build? Without helmet I could see some fire FS, but 4 piece might be used with skill other than FS - no idea. I’ve never tried.

Not that I know of. Meta helmets for ranged Fire Strike were always Okaloth helmet or Dagallon, depending on the class combo. Technically you can use anything to anything, but I just don’t see this “Vitality to Fire” conversion on Darkblaze amulet being like a meta item for Fire builds that need one third of Vitality conversion. To me this conversion does seem out of place and set’s conversions also seem wonky: like you have one conversion that is 50% thru the skill mod and then you have 30% global conversion which because of the skill mod is kinda not 30% but 15%. If it was a mod to Flame Touched then it would make more sense.


Maybe something like this 3/4 set fire Pyro FS could be fun for the variety of possible devotion paths? There is also Mythical Exterminus Lit->fire conversion.

Both Chaos->fire and vit-> fire is max 96%, though. So it’s not optimal as there will always be some loss. Amulet needs % fire damage if it is to keep conversion.

Those hp and damage numbers imply that this is not the kind of fun I can relate to.

Also this amulet without %fire damage and with just some vitality to fire conversion will give you much less than let’s say a tempest of alacrity green demo amulet.


Yeah, I have to agree with those arguments.

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I use it in my Fire/Chaos Fire Strike Pyromancer meme Dual Damage build… :man_shrugging:

Re: chaos pistols vs fire pistols

It also doesn’t help that the best component for the FS AA job is Seal of Void (10% Ph->chaos), whether fire or chaos base. :man_shrugging:

(for non-Inquisitor build)

that phys chaos conversion is extremely negligible, - dare i say inconsequential

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Normally it’s called “secondary damage”. Because pretty much everything Darkblaze pyro does has fire component to it. Yes, including lightning to fire conversion. All of its chaos RR doubles as fire RR as well. And converting vitality to fire keeps the DoT component of Witchfire.

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It is, but …

if you look at the amount that would be converted from 40% conversion to Temper flat, vs 30% conversion to Second Rite Flat…it about the same.

And that is the ~ amount this back and forth is about :man_shrugging:

Again, not true. This is how @banana_peel min-maxed Darkblaze (with my little tweaks). For optimal performance you want a green pistol with of Abyss suffix that gives you super valuable damage reduction and rare %rr. Moreover such pistol is literally vendor farmed so putting Exterminus (not part of Darkblaze set) is all around worse.

Can we stop with this “Darkblaze is also a fire set” discussion, please? If you want to play ranged Fire Strike there are plenty of items that are superior than Chaos-centered Darkblaze. Sure, someone will use Darkblaze pieces for a memey Fire build once in a while, but it doesn’t mean set should be balanced around those exceptions.

i don’t get your meaning?
in what way does 20% phys to chaos conversion interfere with temper conversion: when you will not reach 100% phys to fire conversion anyway, or even close to? (for fire strike builds)

Looks like a fun build, but just pointing out that a change to the conversion on the amulet is not going to produce much more flat for that, even when tweaked. Currently it would be ~10 flat!

It’s a monster, trust me :slight_smile:

Absolutely true, it’s just this conversion looks outdated and random and doesn’t contribute to Darkblaze much. All while it’s Fire to Chaos conversion is pretty awkward.

What I was meaning was that temper has flat, and Second rite has flat. and the quantity is about the same. It is small.

So some of the discussion is overblown about whether conversion means it is one way or another (fire or chaos). In this Pyro case.

i still don’t get it, nor the comparison either, since you were the one that mentioned the phys->chaos on voids were “bad”
when it’s losing a build so tiny/negligible dmg, but providing wps in return
losing vitality dmg on second rite is not comparable; because you’re not getting wps or anything in return for that “even if we were to make that comparison” (which my comment wasn’t even about but just the straight up phys mention, which imo was incorrect no matter how you look at it)

there is 0 relevance there to conversion on ammy even if we stretch it that far, the notion is, imo, a standalone comment,
and either way is not apt “taken as” is by itself, or if we go far enough to compare it to ammy conversion

It’s not important. But there was an argument earlier that because a weapon had phy->chaos that was a clear indicator that it was intended for chaos.

In this case that has trivial effect on the over build flat, either chaos or fire.

I think we are saying the same thing, just in different ways. I didn’t mean the components were “bad” but rather… misleading.

What I was saying for the flats is
fire build: Phys->chaos on weapons/components is a small loss (nothing to do with total possible)
chaos build: vit->fire on ammy is small loss (compared to changing this)

This loss/gain is about the same value and is very small. So either way…not a big deal fire or chaos as it currently exists.