Dawn of Masteries

I have a question that has been buggin me for quite some time now. What exactly is the interaction between auto attack replacer and weapon proc skill?
If you have 100% WPS proc (which is easy to get), does it make AAR pointless, as there is a complete override? Or do both trigger at once, so you get AAR + WPS effect?
And the biggest boomer - if you have AAR stronger than WPS, then when WPS procs, do you actually loose damage?
Asking here bcs Im playing this mod exclusively, currenlty (what brought me here) D3 Barb + Warfare, but I have been trying to figure this out for a long time by now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link!

Trying to play DOM on Steamdeck which runs at a fixed 1280x800.

The added stash space UI goes right off the screen, and even reducing the UI scaling to minimum (0), there’s still one or two columns on the left and right-most sides that are being cropped out.

Is there any way for me to customize the amount of extra stash space given in this mod? I’m all for extra stash space but DOM provided more than enough, I could lose a couple columns and still be alright.

[MOD]New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) Apply to GD v1.1.9.7 (GDX2)

This size of data should be able to solve your problem if you can integrate the data yourself.

Nope, I have no idea where to even begin :sweat_smile:

DoM_1.3.0a - New_Caravan & Inventory.7z
Use this patch to replace files with the same name in your DoM directory. Try it.
DoM_1.3.0a - New_Caravan & Inventory

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Well that worked a treat, thanks!

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hi mamba i haven’t been back in a while i had to reinstall grim dawn recently due the game corruption and had to reinstall all the mods i used to play up to latest version i did a play test and i Realized that something was not quite right when i leveled it up to level 10 to get second mastery it was grim dawn masteries not the others like diablo 2 diablo 3 and so on is there something i haven’t done right pleas let me know cheers argus21

Have you actually started a custom game and selected the mod? It seems like you just ran vanilla campaing.

If I had to bet I’d wager by the looks of things that he improperly extracted the zipped file.

I tried a new token, but at level 25 it starts to hang

Either you did not select the mod, or you extracted it wrong. If the dir / path is not mods\dom\database\dom.arz the game will not find it

I understand, now I’ll try to reinstall! Thanks

Quick question. Can uniques drop with affixes or can you only get them from crafting?

They only get them from crafting (except for Cataclysm ones)

Can someone help me with my crashes?
I am sharing a log file.

71a41ac1-4c56-40fd-af29-ac1bfe71c092.zip (26.5 KB)

@mamba Hi i got a question, are lockers removed and if so why, also why have one at the start?
Also is there a way to add them back myself?

They are removed, the content now drops directly. I used to have them to not overly impact the number of vanilla component drops, but when those were changed from being partial to full, the need for that went away and I eventually removed them.

The first body still drops one as this is a special one with specific content and the only way to drop as many items from the body.

You probably could add them back in, pretty sure most of the stuff for them is still in the mod, they just do not drop any more.

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