Dear Dev team

Hi, I am a Japanese translation cooperating staff :smiley_cat:

This is a suggestion for adding a “note on localization to languages ​​other than English” on the store page(official and Steam,GOG).

Would you please add the following notes to the store page?

The localization of this game is a translation by volunteers,
Even if the game version changes, it will not be updated automatically.
When upgrading the game itself,
Please check each language's localization thread in the official forum.

A new player (not aware of the official forum localization thread) first downloads the language file from the game title,
After that, it is often played without downloading a new language file for hotfixes that are not excluded by version check.

At the beginning of the game purchase,
I would like them to be “officially” informed that
“there is a need to check the official forum for localization”.

Please consider it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh we have messages along those lines in a number of places.

People don’t read them.

Hi, Mr.Zantai :cowboy_hat_face:
Thank you for always updating vigorously.

I know that there are such guidance in some places,

But for example,Even if I take a quick look at the Steam store page,
I do n’t see that kind of sentence right away,
and most of my opinions are in my community.

Therefore, many people misunderstand that translations are automatically updated,
When hotfixing, it also passes through version checking for language files,
so many people use old files.

This may seem a little over-protected (like for kids) but,
If you can write a note in a more prominent place (in store page),
My opinion is that you (and we) can easily follow careless new players.

I really really love Grim Dawn and my playtime finally reached 10,000 hours the other day.
I really appreciate the crate dev team.
However, there are so many reviews on steam that says "It says this game has a Japanese version but it’s actually an unofficial translation patch. ", and they don’t review the game itself…(Probablly same goes for other language versions though)
Clearly steam is not so strict about rules and terms as game selleringwebsite.
Mr. Zantai, you are also a responsible advertiser in the dev team
Don’t just grieve like “People don’t read them.”
You could deal with it in a better way.
I really hope that this great game will be evaluated more accurately.

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Oooh… always nice to know that there is “other” competition out there :laughing:

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