Deathchill Relic Aura and its DoT

25% Chance of 198 Frostburn Damage over 3 Seconds

How is the Frostburn DoT supposed to work/proc? I read that its similar to Veil of Shadow in that it ticks per second? I tested, stood near and got attacked by enemies but none of them took any damage.

I read about it and other damage dealing auras were bugged in multiplayer but I only play solo. Plus I read it was fixed already? Source: The Saga of the Aura MP Kill Bug

Was the fix actually turning off the DoT or something?

Mmm I see! Reading about Deathchill aura killing allies made me think it was an offensive aura. Clearly I was misinformed about it working like Veil of Shadows. Thank you for clarifying that.

The 25% chance is applied when an affected ally unit or yourself deals appropriate damage.

So in the case of Deathchill aura, appropriate damage can be auto attack and spells?

Edit: Read this: Grim Dawn DoTs for Dummies: A Primer

“X% chance of +X% DoT damage”, however, can apply to ANY source of the given DoT damage type.

So if I understood it right, the Frostburn DoT would only have a chance to proc if the damage source is also Frostburn?

Ah, the infamous aura kill bug. That was a bug, that caused auras to damage aliies instead of buffing them.

No, You just have to deal any %Weapon Damage. Everytime you do this, you have a 25% chance to apply the DoT.

Thank you for that! After also re-reading jawa’s reply I now got a better understanding of their reply.

Edit: Followup question, how do people determine then if in jawa’s terms:

if a % chance is tied to every damage instance (I assume also includes any spells) or to weapon damage only (I assume also includes spell but only those that say skill deals weapon damage)?

Is it like:

% Chance on Attack = Can proc from any damage instance whether it be auto attack, spells
% Chance of XX Damage = Can only proc from Weapon damage (Includes skills that deal weapon damage)