Develop the raider bell scenario?

Would it not be fun if the raider bell in the town centre could be developed into a scenario where the villagers light bonfires or by some other means quickly message all villagers in all locations of the map of a pending raider attack? Perhaps the villagers could become more vigilant and gather behind the closest walled area and help fight back?


my villagers fight with intruders when they broke into my town, but that actions do no good by any mean. villagers die quickly and do as 1 dmg per hit to armored enemy.

But when located inside the town center, the put up a good bow fight, right? I am letting the imationaon flow a bit here. Maybe villagers can gather in otherwise unmanned towers? Maybe they can defend the barracks with bows and arrows while the troops are elseware? Maybe a new type of rampart can be built from where the villagers can shoot arrows?

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