Devil's Spur

Here is a shot from atop one of the unique locations rising out of the swamps surrounding devil’s crossing. It is a dramatic geologic formation with some interesting inhabitants at the top but more on that later. :wink:

Whoops! That look awesome! And that enchantment on the sword too! what kind of enchantment is that? looks like fire but with black element.

ps: ooo can we jump from there?

Breath taking!
Btw, does that cliff look like a moose head?
Maybe I need to lay down on the booze, ha.

Here is a bonus early morning mist shot:

I’ve always loved how spots like this look in isometric games. Like at the Spartan camp in TQ. Or the top of Mount Areat (however you spell in?) in D2:LOD. There were actually lots of them in TQ, come to think of it. This looks better better than any of those, much better!

Jackpot! I love buy 1 get 1 free sales! Love the mist!

Yep, it does. Only with a flat head. The rare Flat Headed Moose Mountain. :smiley:

fresh brizz of air :smiley: ( and the flaming sword help too;) )

While looking at these screenies, I messed in my pants.

Good day.


Ugh…how much longer do we have to wait?!:frowning:

Only have eye’s for the sword:rolleyes:

I’m a bit curious with that head gear. Helmet?

It does look like a moose’s head :slight_smile:

Also, it looks fantastic. Great job on that one!

The sword looks quite interesting as well. I also like the boots. I like big boots and I cannot lie.

…trying to catch up with my own pool of drool, which is currently starting to drip-drop down a 100-feet free fall to the swamps.

And, oddly, i really dig the little detail of the rock as it slopes down. It looks really harsh and just… perfect!

Perhaps you might suggest the name for real? Or perhaps something more sinister than a moose :wink:

a Llama! Sinister bastards…

Wow ! Nice screens’.
Good works !


Awesome screenshot, love the sword effect!

Looks great! Now all you need to do is add the skill Base Jumper :stuck_out_tongue:

That is pretty terrible :slight_smile: I hope your first toon in GD is named Sir Mix-a-Lot…

I just wish Grim Dawn will come out tomorrow! :wink:

Do I detect a little camera rotation between the two screens?

Looks very very nice! I like the dynamic environment thing. It is, isn’t it?

I do :slight_smile: