Devotion procs

What are the best abilities to procs devotion ?
Right now I have an inquisitor and I’m just using storm spread to proc them, just because I don’t have to do anything.
Any tips on what I should use ?

Depends on your build, what devotions you plan to get, etc.

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Hi, I have elemental storm, elemental seeker and eldritch’s fire. Right now I’m mostly auto attacking monster and using words skills to support.
Maybe I’m just not attacking fast enough because I feel like they’re not procing as often as I’d like.

Eldritch Fire on Storm Spread, Elemental Storm on Word of Pain and Elemental Seeker on your default weapon attack if you have a replacement for that. Otherwise Bursting Round or Chilling Rounds.

Best to load your character into grimtools so we can have a look at it.

To upload your character to Grim Dawn Build Calculator click the ‘up arrow’ button in the upper-lefthand corner. If you have cloud saves enabled (enabled by default) your save file will be in \Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata########\219990\remote\save\main_{character name}\player.gdc

Otherwise it will be in \My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main_{character name}\player.gdc

Then click on the icon below the arrow and copy the link shown to paste here.

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Thanks a lot !
Here is the guy

What difficulty are you on? You have no poison resistance whatsoever.

Why have Fire Strike on both LMB and RMB. Put Inquisitor’s Seal or Word of Pain on the RMB.

What damage type are you aiming for? You have a mix of elemental and fire atm.

I’d have either Torch or Elemental Seeker on Fire Strike and move Eldritch Fire to Word of Pain.

Have a look at Nery’s beginner Purifier.

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I’m on elite difficulty. I’m not sure how I can get better poison resistances.

E.g. - as you have reached level 70 - get the Rovers reputation to max and buy venomguard powder - and/or use antivenom salve (craftable) in empty gear slots - e.g. Purifier, Level 73 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (changed the boots to faction gear to get elemental res to 80%, otherwise only change components and added augments)

You currently have quite a lot of gear slots with neither component or augment - there is no reason to leave them empty - you can always remove components / augments if necessary.

I would likely invest also some skill points differently, quite some only have one point and without boni, the return is rather low (e.g. all point from Word of Renewal / Word of Pain and Inquisitor Seal to Aura of Censure)


I did not even know about augments. Ty for telling me this. This is gonna change so much things.


Oho boy, do you have a wonderful world of exploration and experimentation ahead of you!! This game is SO awesome, the min-maxing goes so deep.

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