Diablo: Immortal

It’s like fast food

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This gigantic PR disaster is kind of a blessing in disguise, because a whole lot of Blizzard diciples are forced to take a long hard look at Blizzard, and their fans.

Blizzard used to be a team of developers, that made awesome games, we know who they were, and we sorta trusted them.
That was pre D3-Blizzard.

Current day Blizzard is just a company. A gigantic impersonal monstrosity, that puts on a friendly face and and stoically points at a reputation earned by people who have left years ago. “We a Blizzard, you like us, remember?!”


Please don´t post stuff like this. It might give the Crate people ideas.
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Diablo Immortal is a nightmare, lol. Blizzard is not the same company anymore. It’s honestly kind of a good thing for me though since it pushed me to find Grim Dawn.

There’s always room for more here and you might (or might not) be happy to know that if you do find yourself missing Diablo a little bit we got some of that here…

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Blizzard built its rep on the hard work and dedication of Blizzard North, its that that made D3 a huge selling success, simply on brand name, and the comapny that made it.

But like already said, those people have gone, Blizzard North is no more. Blizzard is just trying to sell another game using the same trick as D3, but it won’t work a second time, and it hasn’t

Fool me one, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me.

That is something that Blizzard should understand, they fooled people into buying a half baked game, and now they just doing the same.

Bt yeah, its good that the game is getting flak, and hopefully this will make fans exodus to greener pastures. Without fans, Blizzard will topple, as its fans that kept the company going all this time, and fans that kept the dream of the older games alive. Not blizzard, who didn’t do a damn, and when they did, they released a bad game in the memory of far greater games.

So yeah, Blizzard as far I care is dead, especially when they make huge mistakes like this.

Look who’s playing GD. :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg he looks completely different nowadays :rolleyes:

It’s the black shirt that does it. :smiley:

Crate should feel honored… Red Shirt Guy is playing GD!

Give that dude Free copy of FG !!!

Only if he plays it seriously. Skipped a lot of quests, didn’t kill Warden and last seen was in Act 2 at L16. Great first playthrough. :smiley:

Yeah I seen he was like 17 coming out from killing Viloth and I was like what the… guess he musta skipped it or not realized he had that quest to do.


What the devil is that supposed to be?

I am probably missing some context here.

They allowed people to ask questions live at Blizzcon after the reveal of this game and that guy asked if this game was an out of season April Fool’s joke.

Yeah, someone in chat told him to do the quests with stars against them so he must have gone back to that one after I left.

Absolute legend, thanks for the info. Living under a rock has its benefits but I end up missing out on fun stuff like this.

Chthon see here:

Thanks for that.

Activision stock plummets and DI video heading for the 50 most disliked videos list on youtube.

In the end it’s all because they ONLY announced mobile version, you just can’t do that. People expected triple A game on at least console and at best PC, and they come at them with what, IOS game?. It’s like people went to a car convention and you are showing them tricycle for toddlers, and then when it’s not coming your way, use douchebag argument, like “What, you have legs don’t you, just get on and ride it.” If they announced mobile, and after that mentioned working on D4 PC (and did just simple logo reveal), they would be fine.

It’s just sad that so many franchises are going down the shitter, reinventing wheels, missing the target audience or coming up with cartoony games for literal 4 year olds.