did I finish the game?

I killed the master of flesh boss and completed all available quests.

is this it?

Cause there was no grand outro or anything but there are no new quest in the city anymore only bounties.
I havent had to do bounties through the whole game so this is why I’m asking if that was the end?


go to the next difficulty level if you want to feel more gratified:p

Fight Nemeses, Rogue dungeons (new one is incoming)

You finished the story line.
If your question is what to do further - there come Nemeses, high roll MI’s, secret quests, dungeons, boss farming. Such activities are able to burn much more time than it took you to finally meet Theodin on ultimate.

thanks for the info.

Well, tbh, the “ending” was a bit anti-climatic :confused:
I have the game for more than 2 years now, but only now I finally manage to finish it (incl AoM).
I’m a noob in Grim Dawn, cause I finish the game at lvl 60 with a lvl 30 weapon (never found anything better). I have no idea about crafting, i found a bunch of materials and i keep them all in stash, never ever used one.

I must say, I got disappointed, especially with customization, like 30 levels without a weapon upgrade !?!?!
Not to mention item drops (like 99% are utter junk) - and Im talking blue items up, I dont even pick up anything under that.

Its a good game, but it does not nudge new players like me into a proper end game experiance, cause I dont even know where it is !
I dont even talk about the leveling, where Im forced to play a campaign again and go though all the stuff again, like finding shrines for example (really bad game decision - why are they not account sheared)

Found the problem.

Uniques (Blues/Purples) are just that: Unique, made to fill a very specific role for a specific time. That role may be filled even better by Rares (Greens) and sometimes even Magic items (Yellows; albeit generally not in endgame), depending on the way they drop.

How is it a bad game decision to not make the shrines account shared? Because if they would, a level 1 character having access to all 55 devotion points at the beginning would be broken and completely making unlocking shrines with that character pointless.

true, but you could also have them gated behind a level cap. so you want get everything at once. also depending on the difficulty level you pick you would have access only to the points available for the level. There are many way this could be implemented and it would be much more player friendly than current system.

I’m not even talking about more shrines being available for higher difficulty level, cause for me, that idea is completely retarded.I mean it is a paid game, so why I cant have access to all the content I paid for on difficulty I want to play on.

Em, but you have your access, you just need to go to the shrines to unlock points. Easy?

The shrines are there for you to not gain it all at once, because its not how level progression is supposed to work.

I find account wide anything a bad design decision, to each their own I guess

you won’t find all items or reach max level in the first difficulty either, why should shrines be any different

If I take your idea to its logical conclusion, then why can’t I just have any item right away instead of having to wait for it to drop. Sounds like you are not used to RPGs, let alone ARPGs, most of which have higher difficulties you replay

pretty much.

no its not logical. Replayability is one thing, content gating is completely different. From your post I can see that sadly, you seems to lack a basic understanding of rpg’s yourself. Item progression or level progression is different to blocking paid content though difficulty levels. Using skins, alternative skills effects or player effect as rewards for beating the same content on higher difficulty is totally fine.

we are already forced to play mindless though the campaign every time you want to make a new character.

By the way you can get the super OP weapons at level 1, though item shearing in your stash, although you will not be able to use, so your point is pretty much invalid there.

You see this is not a free game with mtx model, where player can “buy” progression, we already paid money for the game, whole game, not half, not three quarters, whole game. Divotion points are a core part of the game, they should not be gated.

I only disagree with this when it comes to blueprints. Because having to farm each individual bp for each character sounds like a nightmare.

Games have rules. This is part of what makes them games. With the exception of “sandbox” games, this is largely how it has always been the past however many thousands of years since the people’s of Earth first started creating and playing games.

And you do have access to everything. Crate provides modding tools that allow a player to make the game into nearly anything they wish if they don’t agree with their design decisions.

Your argument is invalid. This isn’t loot boxes we are talking about here and you aren’t being “forced” to pay real money to access Devotions every time you create a new character. You already have access to the whole game. Stop trying to turn the convo into something unrelated by making half assed accusations that only serve to highlight a foolish mentality on your own part.

This is not Diablo 3. This is not easy ARPG. Grim Dawn isnt for everyone. Grim Dawn is not for people who want everything "NOW"without effort. Yes, You paid for the game(excelent game in my opinion), but You didnt buy progress and all items at once. You have to earn it. You must spent a big portion of time to achieve something. I have like 10 characters and never whined about fact I must unlock all shrines with each character. To be honest, I never understood people like You.


Progressing through the game is what GD is all about.
If you are not into that, maybe GD simply isn´t your game. Just saying.

But if you MUST have acess to everything, since you paid for it, then for goodness sake, use a trainer or any other third party tool and give yourself acess to whatever you want. That can be done.


There’s good reason for shrines to be locked away in the next difficulty: There’s no need for the extra power gained from more devotion points on lower difficulties. More devotion to slightly counteract the huge increase in difficulty, makes sense no? You could easily plow through normal without even spending a single devotion point. It’s the same reason why you won’t find high-end legendaries on Normal.

Normal mode really is only a demo for the higher difficulties, it offers little to no challenge. It is not meant to be continuously played, it’s supposed to get you geared up and familiarize you with the game before you try Elite. If you’d rather stick to Normal than it sounds like you’re missing the ARPG mindset, ARPGs are about continuously improving your build to overcome the next challenges so that you may in turn get better loot to keep improving, not improving your build to better faceroll the low level content.

While I think Grim Dawn is on top tier one of the best arpg’s of all time I have never been interest in the story and could only really tell you a bit of it…it’s forgetable in other words. I didn’t read any of the xpac notes just clicked for xp, skimmed the bits where you have to choose a side and what not but for the most part I stopped reading/listening to the npc’s around full game release.

Grim Dawn is about finding the best loot and making new overpowered builds not the story. This is true for most arpgs, they are carrot on a stick loot grinding that only a few get right; Diablo 1, 2, Titans Quest, Grim Dawn.

I like GD’s story/stories. I actually wish there were more lore notes and stuff.

So you don’t read the lore notes, but then say the story is forgettable? Nice logic there.

Loot maybe the only thing for you, but not to me. I enjoy the story and specially the lore.

To be completely honest, item drops bums me out quite a bit too. In ~7 playthroughs it was extremely rare case when Green item was much better than Blue one, and even if by stats it was better (since level), some Epics have quite good utilities with either skill boosting (which is invaluable) or some passive/toggle/active skill, so finishing Veteran with ~25 level Epics equipped isn’t such a rare case in my experience.
Another problem is droprate. Thing is that game has quite a lot of items overall, especially with all the content additions such as Valbury or Malmouth, but there are enough reports that some specific armor piece drop rates are insanely low in comparison to others. How can it be the case in truly random based system is hard to imagine, plus dupe drops are pretty high as well. I dunno, maybe I’m just utterly unlucky, but by reading some threads, it doesn’t feel like I’m the only one…

To OP statement that you must have an access to stuff you want in paid game:
There are mods. Use them, make them, have fun.