Digital Map now Available through Humble

After some unexpected complications with getting the map to you through Steam or GOG, we ended up contacting the good people at Humble to see if we could host the map through them, just as we did with the soundtrack.

I am pleased to announce that this process is now finished and those who purchased the Loyalist Edition (or backed at the Digital Deluxe Kickstarter tier or higher) can download their High Resolution Digital copy of Grim Dawn’s World Map right on their Humble key page.

If you lost access to your key page, you can use the Humble key resender:

Once you are on the key page (and are eligible for extra digitial content), you will see a section for extra downloads, beneath the keys. By default, it is likely showing you the soundtrack. But you should now see a new button for eBooks.

If you select that button and click Download, you will soon have your very own copy of the map. Enjoy!

Attachment: Digital Map.JPG
Attachment: GOG map.jpg

Looking at the page right now (loyalist edition) and there is no map download available.

Map looks great. Hopefully the DLC issue on steam wont cause any future problems.

On mine, all I see is the soundtrack

What tier of the game did you purchase?

Wait, I see it now. When I click on the map link it sends me to the grim dawn website

Click the download button.

got the map :slight_smile:

this is what it looks for me, click on the download button, it will show you the map right click that and download it to your pc

Thank You Crate for working around that issue of the map.

Wow, that map is super detailed.

Yehaa got the Map and the Musik! Thanks.

Just for those wondering if they can get the map (and because there is nothing in the first post to say who is eligible to get the map)

You need to have purchased the…(wait for it)

Loyalist edition

That worked, now I hope you get that Steam DLC thing resolved before the expansion is out :smiley:

I’m a Loyalist. All I see is the soundtrack (which I received long ago).

EDIT: Never mind. If anyone else has this problem, click on eBooks, and it will switch from the soundtrack to the map.

Beautiful Map! I’m getting it professionally printed for my wall. Can’t wait.

got it ty so much))).

Patron edition not get a map?

No. When you look at the content, it is only listed for Loyalist.

It isn’t listed under Patron so I imagine not.

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