Diminishing returns on OA

Are there diminishing returns on having OA to high? Is there a point to having higher than 4k OA?

Play around with the calculator to see to what degree the returns are diminishing. Average damage is a marker for your DPS (what % of your damage you deal on average with a given OA against a monster with some DA).

Probably only a couple very specific builds (I’ve made one like that recently). Also might depend on your endgame activity as superbosses have more DA. Usually you have more important things to worry about. Also you need high % Crit damage to start considering it.

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upheaval is probably the “only”/one of the few where that high OA or higher is even worth
main thing about OA stacking isn’t just the diminishing return in itself, it’s “everything” you give up to obtain that stat as a tradeoff