Discovery and Food

I think having all kinds of stuff available so one can farm ANYTHING since the first moment the very first farm is rdy, is not sth most players wud want…there shud be a discovery process to find new grains and stuff to farm, experiment, failure…I think having everything when ur farm is rdy, makes it a bit doll…

I do like the idea of maybe just starting out with a few options and then being able to trade for the others. Maybe this could be implemented on the difficulty settings for future. (Or someone smart can mod it that way) a lot of suggestions are great future mod ideas. If it’s easy enough devs should probably just let the ideas be modded.

I would like to be able to trade for what I need, but, the Traders NEVER buy what I have a surplus of, and I therefore don’t have the Gold to buy from them. Someone wrote honey was a good earner, but I have never had a trader who wanted to buy it? Vegetables, nope can’t sell them, wheat, rye, nope, he will buy logs and stone, but I need those. So what good is a trader? In earlier game I can’t use them, late game I don’t need anything they trade… What we need is the ability to set up buy and sell orders, tell the trader what you have to sell and what you want to buy.

Pottery, hide coats, clothes, shoes, etc, are all saleable items that traders will want. And don’t forget that they don’t always want to buy from you or sell you the same things; it can vary with each visit.

And Crate said long ago they plan to make it so you can order specific items from traders at a premium price. When that will be added to the game though …

True, all tier 2 and items you need for your villagers so how can you sell them. I have a boot-load of vegetables and honey, but can’t sell them to buy Clothing, Hide coats and Shoes for my folks to wear so they don’t freeze and can work. Just saying. I am loving the game, but some of the balancing is way off. My hunters don’t seem to hunt much, so I don;t get many hides for Hide Coats and Shoes. I think the trader items depend a lot on RNG and I guess I have been getting a bad roll in most of my games. I have never had a Trader buy honey and only occasionally pottery. On my current play through I earnt Gold selling, wait for it, Gold Ore and clay and coal, after I got mines.

You make more than what you need of them. A fully staff pottery will turn out a lot of pots, far more than you’ll need for your villagers.

I agree, but you need a bigger population to fully staff a pottery, do I take them from my labor pool, my farmers, my hunters??? On my next play through I will concentrate on Pottery, which makes more sense than the other stuff you suggested. Thank you.

Just build it up slowly. Even if you only sell 10 pots at a time you’ll build up a gold reserve in the trading post to spend on other stuff.

What to concentrate on de0ends a lot of the map circumstances.

If my map has a bunch of deer near the starting point, I can build ‘extra’ hunter camps and use the excess hides/pelts to make shoes and hide coats for Trade.

A good Clay Deposit screams for a Pottery as soon as possible. I estimate that on some maps I used 3/4 of my clay for Pots rather than Bricks throughout the game!
Linen clothing requires Flax from agricultural fields, so usually cannot be traded from the beginning of your Trading Post. But since clothing seems to trigger upset villagers, it’s worthwhile to put a rotation of flax into the first fields as soon as you can and set up a ‘Weaver’ (Textile Mill, I think of it). The Weaver building can turn out quite a bit of finished product for relatively modest workforce - rather like the Pottery, which makes them two of the most efficient production chains in the game.

I have yet to find a map that doesn’t have Iron everywhere - far more than any other Resource. Consequently, I build an Iron Mine early. Iron Ore does not bring in a great deal of Gold compared to clothing or shoes or pottery, but you can easily offer 100 - 200 each where early on you are lucky to have 10 - 30 of the more expensive goods for the Traders. When you finally get Coal and can set up Foundries you can start turning the ore into useful stuff for your villagers, but it frequently ‘tides me over’ early in the trading game.

If you don’t have a farm up and running before you have your trading post up your not playing this game right no offense. Bee line to T2 for quickest and max immigration events. Build your first farm. 4 or 5 farmer is good as you will only have 30to 50 pop. Don’t build a 9 farmer field it will delay your progress. Peas and flax. Ez peasy. Getting linen clothes first before other industries boosts your immigration as clothes = happiness.

You are right. Farms 3 @ 3x3 first. I sell Iron. As for the Hunters, they never seem to produce excess hides, or tallow for that matter.

I don’t believe in a ‘right’ way to play any game: I play to enjoy myself, and my personal ‘victory conditions’ don’t always match what the designers had in mind.

Case in point: I like to see just how much population I can keep fed using ‘hunter-gathering’ techniques. Consequently, I don’t think I’ve ever laid down my first agricultural field before I had 150 - 175 people in the village and all the food to that point coming from Foragers, Hunters and Fishermen.

This has the added advantage that with 10 - 12 hunters on the map, I can see off the first 2 - 3 raids pretty easily without investing heavily in ‘fixed’ defenses like walls. On Vanquisher it gets tense sometimes, but on lower settings - No Problem. That, in turn, saves a lot of building material that can go into production and residential buildings for another pop boom when the agriculture kicks in.

The game does focus on agriculture, I will grant you. No amount of hunting, fishing and foraging ever seems to be enough to feed more than about 150 people, no matter how many fish and deer spawns are on the map. On the other hand, it’s fun to see how far I can push it . . .

As for Hunters producing hides/pelts and Tallow, with 11 Hunters on my latest map I was producing all the hides and tallow I needed for a population of about 600 and producing enough hide coats and shoes that I was selling excess in the Trading Post. Once the population got over 700, though, I had to invest in 5 - 6 barns and lots of cattle, because even upgraded Hunter’s cabins couldn’t supply enough. Right now the population is at 800 and most of the tallow & hides are coming from 6 Barns, 3 upgraded so that I have about 80+ cattle. I’m going to have to upgrade the other 3 barns and get them stocked with cows, though, because even with the Hunters still producing, there’s no surplus any more.

Not, maybe, the ‘right’ way to play it, but it’s worked for me for 400+ hours of play and 3 maps taken to 1000 population (I frequently get bored with a map and quit at 500 - 700 peeps) so it ain’t all wrong . . .

Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

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