Disengage runes

When I try disengage runes eveytime one thing is the same that I hate. You disengage in the opposite direction of your mouse cursor. It is annoying. Could we have disengage in the direction of the cursosr instead of the opposite? It would be big QoL change.

I have a script for that if you want :wink:

No scripts, just in game change.

Then it would be engage runes like leaps. Though I also hate disengage runes, your suggestion isn’t logical.

It would not. Engage runes do damage on impact. This would do damage in the place of disengaging. You would just move in the direction of the cursor. This opposite direction is so unintuitive.

No because it would still trigger effects where you start your jump. Huge difference.

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I used to think the same. “Why should I use this when I have teleportation?” but I’ve come to realize that using tp with ranged char is a little awkward because of all the cursor movement you have to do to teleport away and then keep attacking in the opposite direction. Disengage come to solve this and is actually way more comfortable to use for these chars. So this is a -1 from me.


Don’t just look it on the matter of damage. Then you can use them to jump some direction/monster etc. You can jump to a caster monster that is away from you while you’re hitting the melee one. You also deal the rune damage to the melee one and you can kill it while moving away from him. With your suggestion, it will be a huge combo along with other mobility skills.

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Then create new type of runes that disengage in the direction of cursor as well.

Well I used to think like you but in the end I still would prefer quick cursor movement and knowing where I would land. So I have a question for you. Have you actually played it and got accustomed to it or is it theoretical?

Exactly, I just can’t get used to it. It is so unintuitive.

Yes, I do. I’m playing a Dagallon purifier.

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Yes it would be nice combo, exactly.

It feels intuitive to me. The disengage runes do exactly what the name implies. I use them on all my gun users and I love them like that: they let you move in the direction you want without the delay of moving your cursor first. With them, you can just keep shooting.

Heck, even WoW’s ranged class has a “Disengage” spell that does the same thing.


I dont like them too but there is one advantage: They have, please correct me if i am wrong, the shortest CDs.

I only use disengagements on my pistol-wielding char and current behaviour was instantly intuitive to me. Does exactly what the label says: jump backwards away from monsters, because my cursor is typically over the monsters.
With current behaviour I can shoot at them, disengage and keep shooting without moving mouse too much. It’s one of advantages over normal running - I don’t have to point where I go.


Disengage runes are clearly meant for ranged attackers and maybe for some casters. Each rune was clearly designed for a type of gameplay, so i don’t see the point of changing disengage runes when they are already doing their job in ranged builds.

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I’m correcting you - they don’t have the advantage over other runes in this regard

I’m using typhoon rune on my TSS warlock, works pretty well on SR boss room to kite due to low cooldown and leave DOT before jump backward

imo the biggest problem with Disengage is that you get stuck at the tiniest obstacles (which all other rune types have no problem with). If you get in trouble in a confined area, both leap and teleport do a much better job at disengaging than disengage.