Disrupting the town

People move to your town for various reasons but the initial reason was to escape from the politics, corruption and near starvation, as seen in the initial intro for a new settlement. However, that does not mean you have left the country/nation/kingdom, so once in a while RNG sends in the King’s Brigade, 60 knights and retainers who come in and drink all your booze, eat all your porridge and chase the young women (with a population boom afterwards?) If RNG has them arriving in a raid year they actually do their job and chase the raiders out of town, then come back and drink your maidens and molest your beer.

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Extra thoughts. Since religion is in this game then there should be bishops and cardinals, even the Pope, who come through the town and disrupt the populace by choosing someone to burn at the stake. Purges, inquisitions, all make the people unhappy but their religious fervour rises, at least until the religious person leaves.

There is spirituality, not religion as such. Your spirituality can be anything you want it to be, you can even change the name on your temple, but FF is set in a fantasy world, not a real life Medieval one.

Not assigning a name to your “spiritualty” results in random names, which can change in mid game. So far in my current game, Church of New Beginnings, Paragons in Sacrifice, Temple of New Beginnings, Temple of Harmony.