Divinity Orignal Sin 2

They suprised us today after the end of the livestream and gave the kickerstarters access today :slight_smile: Played about 5 hours so far its beautiful game and so far seems to be very polished and smooth running for a EA game.

Divinity: Original Sin was also a very beautiful game and, from what I heard, it was also a quality experience, as well.

I bought the game and, from what I saw, I was very happy with it. It was just a little too slow for my liking. I spent 20 or so hours just navigating and interacting within the very first major town. I was aching to experience some action!

Unfortunately, the pace of the game was just a little too slow for me and I had to move on to more, action-oriented games.

I guess I need the A in ARPG.


Yeah i hated the first town in part 1 you can actually get out of town somewhat fast in this one then holy crap get ready cause their is stuff everywhere lol.

I loved the town because I tend to steal everything possible and I ended up spending hours stealing everything the merchants had in stock only to sell them their own items back. I was able to get a lot of upgraded gear right off the bat before venturing out and by the time I reached the Lighthouse, I was able to steamroll most enemies.

I think the whole interacting with the environment was my favorite part of the game. I think I played through it twice before putting it down.

For the second game, I really hope they make crafting useful because I honestly couldn’t find a use for crafting aside from adding Tenebrium to my weapons and even then, my current weapons I had found from chests and battles were far superior in almost every way.

Livestream today they said crafting was way overhauled to encourage us to craft. As far as stealing goes you wont have it that easy in this game :slight_smile: Once something is stolen the guards start stopping people and searching them to investigate :slight_smile:

Same problem with me. I tried like hell to get into it but it was just too slow-paced for me. It was not a bad game by any stretch, just too slow for my tastes.

I can’t wait for it, however i will buy the Game when it’s released. I’m a huge Fan of the Divinity Series, and for me Divinity OS was so Amazing. So Normally i would really want to support them, however there are so many Games which comes out the next months, thats why i have to set priorities …

How very responsible of you, sir! :smiley:


I didn’t like the first game. It was way too text heavy. Even random NPCs had wall, after wall, after wall of text. The battle system wasn’t bad, but I wish I could have just played that part of the game without reading wall after wall of text. I skipped most of the dialogue in the game. It was poorly written, and uninteresting to read. They should have made a TL;DR version. I quit playing the game after I got to the first town. They wanted me to solve a murder mystery or something, and I just didn’t care anymore. I don’t have the patience for these type of games anymore.

Yeah I Kickstarted it when it was there I played through the first Act to get a feel and see the changes and im done for now dont wanna burn out before its released. And well like you said lord the amount of good games coming out in November not sure what to play first :slight_smile:

Sword Art Online : Hollow Realization (not a ton of info but im a HUGE SAO fan so will be playing lots).
Final Fantasy XV (pfft no brainer after playing the demos)
Watch Dogs 2 (only after i see lots of reviews lol but looks quite good so far)

That’s exactly how I found myself feeling with Dragon Age: Origins… I absolutely loved the combat and, essentially, every feature of the game, but the amount of dialogue that I had to wade through each evening just to get 20 minutes to half an hour of awesome combat. It was almost as if the dialogue portions of the game took up more time than the combat… Quite possibly, to be honest!

It’s a damn shame, I hate to say it but if DA: O combat was more accessible, I think I might still be playing that game. As it stands, knowing how much dialogue I would have to listen to prevents me from picking it back up again.

Certainly not to say that I consider DA: O a bad game. Not at all. A serious 9/10 from me, best Dragon Age game out of the franchise in my opinion.


DA:O is considerably less text heavy than Divinity: Original Sin. There were a lot of cutscenes in DA:O as well that gave the player a lot of context to what was going on in the game as well. The plot was relatively straight forward as well. It amounts to “Stop the blight, kill the archdemon”. That is made clear from the beginning of the game.

If Dragon Age: Origins were an exam, I believe you would pass.


Do you have an idea when the game is coming out ?

The only info I found so far is :

“We plan to release the full game later next year, 2017.”
(from Steam’s Early Acces FAQ on the store page)

Reviving the thread with the upcoming release of Divinity Original Sin 2 on the 14th of September !

Can’t wait to get my hands on the full official release !

It is just unfortunate that it will most likely overlap quite heavily with Ashes of Malmouth’s release. I’ll have to split my time between both games, damn.

do I have to play the first game to appreciate understand this one?

This game is very well made, in my opinion.
They make the game and its story in the way that new players could enjoy it even if they haven’t played the first one before :wink:

Exactly !

You might want to start at the lower difficulties if you are not familiar with the mechanics of the game, or if you are not experienced with tactical turn-based combat, but it will be definitely enjoyable whether you have played the first one or not.

Before people start to turn around at those words, despite being turn-based, the combat is really dynamic and interactive and is definitely worth checking out.
This is the pretty much the one and only turn-based combat system that I have truly enjoyed.

And there are a number of new mechanics with spell-crafting, improved crafting that would also make it fresh for seasoned players, tbh.

I haven’t played the kickstarter early access too much yet, as I would rather enjoy the game with a fresh eye, but it is gonna be exciting.

Yea but its a good thing, GD and this will be split so one can enjoy days of endless echoes in the halls of ghosts