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Because this:

a.) Requires work. It means the artists have to move back to Grim Dawn to create item art, 3d models have to be made, if it involves new GFX then this also has to be made, then stats have to be come up for the item(s) in question and a place has to be found for it in game if throwing it into the already large, if not bulging number of random drop Legendaries isn’t preferred.

b.) Tangenting off the above, development for the game has slowed down. They’ve acknowledged this, while they are continuing to support it I imagine it is largely going to be in the form of balance patches and bug fixes, they don’t even know if more new content is going to come our way just yet:

At the most I would expect changes to what we already have rather than adding more on top by this point.

If someone does want to come up with new items, there is always the option of modding those in, e.g. Ceno has made some random item sets. Stupid_Dragon also experiments with modded items either for testing or exploring the different possibilities as well.

Then… let the work be payed for!?

One could… just speed it up again, double-duh?

adding is the better ‘change’… “hellish yawn”

No. I want stuff to be official.

You don’t seem to get my point here. Work requires time. If they spend time on Grim Dawn, they are not spending time elsewhere and we already know they have several new projects in development. Granted, it’s also normal in game development to always have people moving around different projects, but they can’t keep developing new items for Grim Dawn forever.

They have given so many reasons why they don’t want to keep developing Grim Dawn at the rate they have for years that it’s amazing you still have hope.

  • They are burnt out. Grim Dawn kickstarted in 2012 9 years ago. Some of them come from working on Diablo 2 or Titan Quest from before then, they have been working on the same kind of game for up to 10-20 years. Monotony is a very real thing.

  • The story would best be continued in a sequel than more expansions.

  • They recognise that after 2 expansions that the amount of items and support for every mastery is already getting to be too much.

  • Expanding out into other genres and game series gives them more to work with as a company than solely relying on ARPGs or the ARPG market.

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Sorry, no, you don’t get it. I am not an enemy of microtransactions that late in game developement, so I would gladly chip in a few Iron Bits to get a few new items, which close gaps etc. I am NOT talking about more than this. And I am NOT saying I want it IMMEDITALY NOW.

Based on this the rest of your post is not on point.

I don’t play games with microtractions in them, but my understanding is for that sort of thing you’d need dedicated closed servers - which isn’t going to happen for this game.

Nor does it negate Evil_Baka’s points about Crate wanting to focus on their other games and not keep updating GD forever.

I was thinking about something like the Skyrim Creation Club. Worked well for a time and had some superb additions to offer.

No, you don’t, you just declare it as a Mini-DLC, as Firaxis did it with Civ6, I think.

But they are workin on patch 1192, how does that fit the Notion?

From what they have said or implied over the years, they still would not be willing to do smaller DLCs for paid items (besides cosmetics like the Loyalist Packs) or even purely story chapters. The Crucible doesn’t even have unique Rare/Epic/Legendary items to it, it’s purely for the game mode.

I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree and leave the discussion at that because you also do not understand from my perspective.

I would like to see Blade Spirit usage continue for those damage types if possible but think going onto an item would be preferred. If it goes onto an item, it means they either have to pick up an oddball item like the Scarab Shell mentioned above which is one of the items that could be getting the summon limit increase or some of the other items for Acid, Aether or Chaos that no one uses could get it to give them a niche. I’m just not sure where they could be squeezed in or which ones would fit the best.

Crate have made it clear they don’t want mini DLC’s as this would split the community. You’d also have the problem of people wanting to multplay with others. You’d have to not only disable an expansion or both expansions as is currently the case to play with someone who only has the base game, but would have to disable the mini DLC as well.

They will continue to support GD with balancing patches, but not new content.

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Frankly, there is nothing to understand.

And THAT is the point, where to squeeze in… is it not easier to take a similar item, copy-paste it, change the colour maybe and add the necc. stats? But what ever…

… and that is too complex for the community?

We’ll just see about that.

Back to topic:


Would you do anything for money even if you didn’t feel like it? :smiley: