[Mod] Custom Item Sets - v0.6

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While this mod originally was just a release of one individual item set (the Spellslinger), I can’t help but occasionally come up with many others from time to time. Rarely, my laziness subsides enough for me to actually mod one of these ideas together. This is one such time.

I’m updating this mod to be a collection of whatever item sets I may come up with between now and the heat death of the universe. This first update adds the ‘Bladefall’ set to the collection, alongside the pre-existing Spellslinger.

The Spellslinger

Inspired by a comment made by @RektbyProtoss, I threw together a Battlemage-themed Legendary item set focusing on Nullification, Forcewave, and Trozan’s Sky Shard. It doesn’t have unique item art and the skill effects don’t change from their base colorations (for now) but other than that the set is entirely playable and functional. You can pick it up from the Devil’s Crossing Faction Merchant (aka every modder’s testing station) and give it a whirl.

As with most of my mods, I tried to keep things balanced but original, and worked off a few existing set items for stat-scaling. That being said, it’s still not of Crate’s design nor has it been extensively tested in every regard, so I rather doubt it’s balanced straight out of the door.

Set Pieces

Stats subject to in-game stat variance:

(At the time of taking this image, these Shoulders lacked an Armor value. That has been fixed for this upload - 1357 Base Armor)





Inspired by literally nothing at all, Bladefall is a Blademaster set focused on Phantasmal Blades and War Cry…and Lightning Damage.

It’s a 4-piece set with 5 pieces, meaning you can combine any 4 of the 5 Bladefall items to get the full set bonuses. This is important, as 2 of the 4 Bladefall items are 2H weapons, and they each radically change the functionality of the set. One of the weapons adds many projectiles to Phantasmal Blades but also makes them launch from the player in a 360° spread. The other weapon narrows the base Phantasmal Blades spread to 0° and keeps the default number of projectiles the same. They each also give a marginally-different damage multiplier relative to Frenetic Throw.

While not technically intended, there is enough global Pierce->Lightning conversion on the set to possibly enable one to play with Lightning Forcewave in this manner as well. Pictures of the items below - do note that flat damage values are mostly meaningless, as the character used has exorbitantly higher Cunning/Spirit than anyone will ever achieve normally:

Set pieces




Changelog for latest release:

  • Added the Bladefall set.
  • Fixed an issue where some Spellslinger items lacked a level requirement.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Spellslinger pistol had an unusually high attack speed.

That’s some quick and awesome work! :smiley:
Btw could you elaborate on terrify/warcry being unable to apply freeze RR. I get it can’t apply any -x% type of RR since that needs to be on a “x sec duration debuff type” skill (like CoF), but why can’t it apply flat x reduction for y seconds? Is it because flat freeze RR doesn’t exist and is impossible to implement or some other reason?

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Flat CC RR doesn’t exist. It’s not as though it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Crate to theoretically add it in, but right now flat RR of that manner only exists for Physical, Elemental, and all-res (which only affects damage types, not cc).



Elemental -> X is 1:1, however it does not stack additively with Y -> X (same X, single-element Y).

Realistically, yes, Cold/Lightning Conversion could be put there instead. Was just trying to decrease tooltip bloat.

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I want a fire TSS set, even though you can technically do it with 4 pc Iskandra and Arcanist Conduit.

This thread is now no longer dedicated to one modded item set, but a collection of them that may/will grow over time! The Bladefall set has been released to accompany the earlier-created Spellslinger set, in addition to a few bugfixes with the Spellslinger set (see above).



Do you intend to add cuatom textures ?

Not really, because I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

For that reason I try to choose existing items that are close-enough to looking compatible/relevant to the set itself.

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0 artistic talent , and a disaster when i match colors :rofl:

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