Do i need to edit my build?

Not sure if ths is the right place for this but, I’m playing a dual pistol purifier and im lvl 40 and am wondering if my build is alright or if it needs some editing. I’m playing on normal. I’ve been dying more lately but im not sure if its a build issue or just something I’m doing.

Grim Tools link:

Not everything in the Grim Tools links is 100% accurate when it comes to stats, but the amount of attribute points and skill points used is. The gear is the same as what I’m wearing as well as the components but they stats on them might be less than 100% accurate, sorry.

any help (if needed) would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve been using this as a build guide(the first one), but have more points in physique( 31 instead of 20, kind of and accident but its fine. I put more in to check what my heath would be but I think I accidently clicked off):

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  1. Oddly common new player mistake (oddly in the sense that I erred in the exact opposite way when I was new…) - you’ve massively under-invested in your mastery bar, and have somewhat low hit points as a result. The usual benchmark is that your hit points should be Level*100 at minimum, preferably much higher. At 3500 at level 40 you’re closer than I’d have expected, actually, but 30 mastery points at level 40 is way too low. My usual routine when leveling is two points in the mastery bar and one point in a skill for each level from 1-50.

  2. Resistances are low. At level 40 you should be able to cap most of them. Components on rings, amulet, medal would help, and the Bristly Fur on the shoulders does basically nothing for you.

  3. Where’s your RR? (Resist reduction - just as your resistances are key defenses, decreasing enemy resistances is key to your offense). It’s not that big a deal in Normal/Veteran, but becomes more and more important later. It’s not entirely clear what your plan is - your gear is physical, but fire is more natural to Purifiers (or any Fire Strike build). Thermite Mine is an annoying skill but you’ll need it eventually in a fire build. And a fire build would tend to go for Rhowan’s Crown and Solael’s Witchblade, with Ulzuin’s Torch as a major goal later. Not sure where your devotions are going…

  4. Corollary to #1 above, skills on the right tend to be stronger than skills on the left. Brimstone is a big deal to Fire Strike characters. From what I understand, Inquisitor Seal and Aura of Censure tend to be very important skills in Inquisitor builds like this. WPS (Weapon Pool Skills = Bursting Round and Chilling Rounds for you) are good but maxing them out shouldn’t be your priority at this point - go unlock the key high-end skills, max those out, and come back to fill in “nice to have” type skills with your later skill points at high level.

  5. Do you really not have a relic, or is Grimtools just not showing it for some reason? There’s no excuse not to have one at your level; any relic is better than none. Kasparov gives you a blueprint for visiting Hargate’s Lab, and there was an option to get a relic from the Rovers in the Arkovian foothills.

Putting most of your attribute points into physique is perfectly normal.

is not this guide better? [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier