Do you want more Loyalist Packs?

Crate deserves all the money for all their hard work!~

While Loyalist Packs can definitely go outside of the game’s theme, I’m not sure we’d jump the shark and go all out sci-fi stuff, haha. It should still feel like it has a place, and not like some time traveler from a grim dawn future.

So…do we lock this poll now or what?


I considered it earlier today. I don’t think the results can get any better.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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YES! You guys deserve our Money ; We need more way to pay for Crate work.
maybe a character skin pack…

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I think there are good ideas here. My spontaneous suggestions would be:

  • Skill effects, e.g. green fire
  • Weapon effects
  • cosmetic wings
  • various portals
  • Character effects

Let’s go :slight_smile:


Wasn’t expecting the response to be That unanimous right after Loyalist Pack 2.

We hear you guys and appreciate the enthusiasm! We’ll have to think about what a Loyalist Pack 3 could do for your fashion needs. :smiley:


Grava model in a dress comes to mind. :wink:

I need new boots!

Please no wings. This is not D3. I also feel that skill effects would be a bit too much, that’s something that a player should have no control over.

I think gear illusions and pseudopets are the way to go in these packs

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We have a strict no wings policy, and there’s a pretty sweet mod already that adds some.

As for spell FX, would rather update spell FX for the game itself than put those behind a pay-wall.


I think skill effects would be out anyway since I assume that would break people playing with others if they didn’t also have the same Loyalist Pack installed. In the same way you can’t easily play with someone who only has GD/AoM when you also have FG installed, someone having LP3 with skill effects wouldn’t be able to easily play with someone who didn’t have that pack.

  • Now that we can hide the head gear, different hair styles / colors and faces would make sense.
  • As a hommage armor sets from other games / movies.
  • There are some enemy items, which are not available to us. Although you could make them available through Fascia at Fort Ikon. Someone asked for the regular cowl (without crown) worn by Kymon’s Chosen.

Everything invisible! Make it look like you’re wearing nothing at all… Just punching everything to death

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That makes me think of D2 characters who had all their stats from charms so most of their equipment was invisible to others on bnet. Always looked pretty savage watching some crush bosses with their fist.

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Wait to see the enthusiasm for XP3 (actually that pool was already done 2 months ago with similar to above results) - just saying!

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This! The main char has awful face ((;

And this.

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New skin sets based on classes and/or classes combinations would be great.

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Just add 800x600, 1024x600 and give a bloody gal a new face.

I’ve never bought a loyalist pack, but I’m considering doing that after 1.0.4 update. But i would definitely buy a future loyalist pack if it allows customizing char face, especially hair/beard.

I just want a Man With No Name style western hat for my gunslinger characters. I HATE the goofy Pilgrim hats…