Does anyone have a file of all if not most of the map uncovered/quests done, or just a high level character save file with these things done?

I wanted to try out some builds in the game and all but it’s annoying not being able to uncover the map/complete em quests on a character editor in GD Stash. Recently lost all of my characters since I got a new pc and the old hdd is gone. Don’t really wanna grind the quests again nor explore every bit of the map (I get ocd if I see some part of the map left unseen). If any of you could share the things from the title of this thread I would be thankful.

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This may be what you’re looking for.

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The link that is in there doesn’t work for me, I saw one post at the very bottom of the thread with someone linking a lvl 100 character (supposedly) but when I clicked on it the site shows as insecure, don’t really want to risk downloading anything from that guy.

It’s just Mega, nothing wrong with that. I scanned the .zip with Anty-virus - no problems.
However the file contains only player.gdc so I guess it doesn’t have quests, map and stuff

Try this file. (1.5 MB)


Thank you so much.Been looking for this for past few hours.

I can upload some saves if you are still interested.

Hi, I’m interested to know what kind of saves you have available. Thanks for the help.

I uploaded my save folder here:
Available until Jan 16, 2021. Just picked a random free upload host.
Let me know if it’s not a good one.

By the way for anyone who wants to make a fresh level 100 charachter you can do this:

  1. Prepare a merit for elite and ultimate with another charachter and put them in the shared stash.
  2. Start the game and make a new charachter then exit the game.
  3. Download gd stash from utilities subforum here. Launch it, select your charachter and set the level to 100.
  4. Start the game and main campaign with your new level 100 charachter. I think you need to do the first quest to have access to the stash.
  5. Use the two merits previously stored to unlock ultimate act 1.

Don’t recall if you need to edit the devotion points in gd stash or not. Not sure how to get the full map either.