Does anyone here actually enjoy fighting arcane heroes in SR?

Don’t blame the Arcane mobs. Pay attention to what’s going on and you will be fine.

They don’t cast their null projectile until like 5 seconds after starting the fight. So if it takes longer to kill them just back off, wait for their hot pink null ball (which has a really short range unlike Grava’s) and then finish them.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you are fighting a pack of heroes clustered with packs of trash and your spell effects combined with the enemy effects, and on top of that there are those maps with environmental hazards causing more GPU usage. You aren’t realizing that there is even an arcane hero present at these times.

Plus, I am paying much more attention now. I already said that I am constantly looking at the left corner of my screen to see if I am debuffed or not after moments of screen clutter and effects.

I used to hate Arcane enemies as well, but that was before I learned an important lesson.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” - Sun Tsu

Arcanes are really easy to spot as shown in this screenshot (I activated GI’s name labels for demonstrational purpose only, it’s not needed at all with a bit of practice):


So once you know how to deal with them and their null ball, they become a minor threat. I really don’t see a reason to remove them from SR.


sigh… In my first sentence I said this was a QoL issue, and not a balance one. I don’t consider them a threat… I’ll just leave it at that.

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Yea sorry i somehow ignored that bit, maybe because it doesn’t make sense to me at all. It’s annoying to re-cast all your buffs? Don’t get hit, simple as that. No need for any QoL there.

I quote Maya for emphasis.

Ok, you are right Volek. You are good and I suck at this game. Sorry, I just need to git gud.

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Here’s another Maya quote

Facerolling ≠ paying attention :stuck_out_tongue:

That only applies to pets though.

And with Pet builds Arcane heroes aren’t a problem since you have a wall of your own to shield you. Also you will be standing in the back, so if a projectile does slip through, you can easily notice it and just side step.

So pet builds have no problem with Arcane mobs. Neither do kiting casters and hit’n’run builds, right? Arcanes aren’t charging at the player (at least I’ve never seen one do it) so ranged builds and spam casters are fine as well. Seems like only melee auto-attackers who depend on adcth are ever in danger of getting nullified in a mess of FX and die because of that. I don’t think it’s justified to remove Arcane mobs only to make life easier for those kinds of builds.


It’s been a while since last time I’ve posted something, but let me put a word on this thread.

In the last two weeks I’ve been playing a lot SR both melee and ranged and… yeah. arcane heroes are sometimes annoying as hell, but the only real problem I see here is my laziness, when I don’t want to pay attention on the screen. And it’s only my fault, when all my buffs are getting dispelled by some little dirty piece of ****, because it’s really hard not to notice this deep blue color they are marked with.

Yeah, they are a threat, but a fair one, making each SR run more interesting, forcing you not to faceroll, but to actually play and be rewarded for good piloting

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Totally agree they are not that hard to spot or deal with. The OP argument is that the mechanics could be better because they cause frustration.

i think arcana heroes’ chance to spawn in sr should be reduced rather than removed completely. that way both pro arcana and contra arcana parties get what they want even if its not fully to their liking, while still providing challenge to players.

But according to most defenders, they should be left in because they AREN’T hard, not because they are a challenge.

still, at least it will lessen the burden on sr players who have hard time with arcana combos. the pro arcana just have to accept that. at least some arcana bosses would still spawn.

Literally no one said this. The thing that Arcane heroes do is discourage bumrushing everywhere and not have to pay attention to what you are fighting. It forces the player to actually pay attention to their surroundings.

The reason people even struggle with arcane is because the majority of heroes allow for a “high reward / very low risk” play because the majority of them are not threats in the slightest. They are just beefier trash mobs. This just makes players fall into a sense of security.

Arcanes should be left alone and other heroes should be buffed, at least in SR. Outside of healers and Timewarped, these are fine as well.

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I think there is plenty of that with the numerous environmental hazards. I find them a much bigger threat (not by themselves but combined with enemy hero damage) than the annoyance caused by arcane heroes. I actually find them annoying too, because I’m in a rush to get to the actual fight which is chunk 4, but that’s for another discussion.

The argument about 4th wall breaking is a little too far fetched. Toggles are still skills. Nothing about removing them breaks immersion.

I think the frustration comes from the blunt fact it’s an immense debuff with one skill. Some builds are so aura dependent it reduces them to a moving dummy. It makes the gameplay more volatile and punishing. And more importantly it stops people from the chill grind. And the argument about how it’s endgame and you should know better doesn’t work. People get off from a long day of hard work, boot their favorite game they’ve invested many hours into and want to be able to play endgame with their trusty build without paying too much attention.

Not sure what can be the solution. Cancel skills effect for X secs isn’t a proper replacement, it’s a simplification of the skill. Maybe a button “activate the next toggle” or “activate next skill from the 2nd bar” will do the job. It’ll be a good QoL feature regardless.

Not all games should be dumbed down just because some people have busy lives. Specially Grim Dawn.

Games that don’t require the player to pay much attention shouldn’t have this amount of customization, it’s a waste of time and labor. So yes, the argument that it’s endgame and you should know better is a complete valid argument. It shouldn’t be “chill” in the slighest, it should be difficult and gratifying.

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Spawn chance reduced is not bad idea, at least they wouldn’t spawn in group so much :stuck_out_tongue:

@banana_peel if someone wants to chill and don’t focus on the gameplay then lower shards/elite difficulty (great for farming) are for something. In 60-75 range arcane monsters are not real threat, they are dying in seconds even for full tank characters, if not - then it’s build issue and there is no point sitting so high probably.

Summarizing - reducing their spawn rate is good idea as compromise, delete or changing whole mechanics? I don’t see really point for it.