Does anyone here actually enjoy fighting arcane heroes in SR?

Because I don’t. They turn the trash chunks into Buff Toggling Simulator 2019, especially if you bring a tank build with less than optimal DPS there.
I love the Grim Dawn for its challenges, however I find this whole bunch to be a very annoying, 4th-wall breaking mechanic that the players just have to endure. It’s just not fun and it creates a weird difficulty gap with the rest of the content, I think the only reasons I ever died in a trash chunk is because I couldn’t spot an arcane heroes.


I think arcane heroes need lower resistance to CC and energy reach or reduce health.
In connection with that, I agree with this proposal.

Players are often paused when re-applying Toggle buff during battle. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can also lead to death.

My proposal would be making the nullification remove only your procs buffs, not the toggable ones. You still lose some of your advantages but are not forced to pause and press a string of buttons.
And they can bring that to the crucible too, make arcane great again?


Yes, I think your proposal is smarter and more realistic.:wink:

I also agree with that opinion

I am fine with Grava removing your buffs, but not arcane heroes. It’s really annoying, especially when your fighting tons of mobs up close and personal as melee.

I like them. They force me to pay attention to what I’m fighting against.


I would lie, if I would say that they aren´t sometimes annoying, especially when you get a pack with more than one of them like I got yesterday in SR shard.

But most of the time, when only fighting one of them, I agree with toapeiron. I have to focus or CC it or have to turn back and start the fight anew, with a better position.

Yeah, builds with CC spam are relatively safe, but others might experience serious issues there.
BTW, there also is a problem with 3+ healing heroes who chain-heal each other all the time before you manage to kill any of them. Even CC span doesnt help much sometimes - often it’s better to simply ignore them and run away, than waste 2 min hoping they forget casting heals…

For lower shards I am just neutral for them, just focus them or healer first if I can’t DPS them down fast enough. In higher they are problematic because their arcane bomb is not very clear especially in big group of monsters and with healers around it’s often skip.

Summarizing - I don’t like them at all but I am okay with it. Zantai won’t do anything with it because they shouldn’t be problem in 60-75 range for proper build - if you want to go higher then you have to deal with challanges, sometimes just unfair.

Yes, they are actual threats that force me to pay attention to what i’m fighting instead of just mindlessly rush towards mob packs. If anything, we need more heroes that are actual threats and not free loot.

And you got hit by the null projectile? That’s your fault, you should have paid attention.


I agree they are a threat but the response is annoying and as the OP said, breaks the 4th wall. Run, toggle, buff, buff, buff, buff, buff, toggle, back to playing the game.

Basically they are like the game forcing you into a menue to keep playing. Imagine there was a new hero type that forced you to change your gama settings mid fight or die…that would certainly force you to pay attention but would it be fun?

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What if rather than eliminating auras the auras are muted for 3 seconds. Same deadly effect without the need to re-apply.

It’s a two way street. You can remove their buffs with nullification and Ulo, they get to do the same with their own null skills.

Don’t know how it breaks the 4th wall either given that it’s an ingame mechanic. Is turning on buffs at the start of a session also breaking the 4th wall? Seems people are just making up silly arguments at this point given that this 4th wall breaking argument is absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.

Made even more silly by comparing turning on buffs, an ingame mechanic, with options in the game menu. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

It’s not a two way street because mobs are not players. They don’t get anyoyed by having to re apply 6 buffs.

Changing your gama setting is also an ingame mechanic.

Good point about initial application of buffs but it seems unavoidable since you want to give the player control over which buffs they apply.

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They might, you just never hear them complain about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a two way street, you use null, they get to use null. The player isn’t more special than enemies.

And it seems that Arcane heroes are doing their job if their null disrupts the player.

No, it’s not. Changing graphic settings doesn’t affect battle directly in any way. Buffs are an ingame mechanic that affects battle directly.

This is all about QoL. It’s not about difficulty or making the game more or less balanced in favor or against the enemy or player.

It’s just really annoying. Games are supposed to be the opposite of that, which is fun.

If the defense of this mechanic is that it gives the enemy another kind of significant threat, then do it in a different way which doesn’t cause you to fiddle around with the menu.

Also, this doesn’t happen in the crucible, so why not have it not happen in SR?

I actually haven’t had too much of a problem lately because I have been focusing fire on the arcane heroes, and maybe it’s just that my most two recently played builds can handle this better, but I have had the debuffs happen to me in the past, and I understand the issue.

EDIT: I forgot to add what is probably the most annoying aspect. There are times when I am debuffed and I don’t realize it. I have been probably fighting for a long time like this. At these times I wonder why I am so weak. So now I also have to constantly check to see if my buffs are up. That is also really annoying. I am looking at the left corner of the screen much more often than is necessary now.


Not to mention most of them dont use any buffs, while every player use several.

Yeah, if that happened in crucible, we would see tons of random deaths here and here, and a loss of loot therefore. Arcane heroes arent balanced for a situation where they come with a pack of other heroes, all with boosted HP, and there is no way to notice an animation.

This happens in SR too. I already mentioned when I have been debuffed without realizing it. And those packs of heroes are accompanied by trash mobs too, and that’s why I don’t know what happened.

+1 to removing Arcane mobs in SR.

Looking for the purple glow and the projectile is kind of hard when you have a wall of enemies running towards you while the fancy spell effects are filling your screen with a firework display.