Does BWC still stack?

Just curious cause im lvl 24 with 7 in BWC and 7 in ulzuins chosen and it doesnt seem like its doing a lot of damage.


First check out the descripition in Ulzuin’s chosen. It ONLY affects Stun Jacks, Grenado and Cannister bomb. And also need one point in each to activate.

This means that for BWC you don’t get the +% damage from Ulzuin chosen or the chance to instanly reset cooldown (if you have the high potency transmuter on it). Since you are sking if it stacks I am assuming you don’t have the transmuter anyway. Just invest in Flame touched if you go BWC.

The flat fire damage from BWC should work on each individual cast but the burn damage I doubt it stacks.

Still BWC is an awesome skill even at one point. Put solael devotion on it and watch it spread. It also debuffs with agonizing flames. Together with the debuff from solael it’s really strong. The transmuter gives it cooldown but also raddius, staying power, damage, and most importantly 18% phys damage debuff which is a big deal. BWC also debuffs offensive ability of all enemies in it, also very important.

BWC+High Potency+Agonizing+Solaels is like a super debuff!

If you don’t want to invest in Agonizing flames you can use Black star of Deceit medal. It’s a great combo

If you choose to use it on cooldown aor combine it with Grenado/ Cannister bomb (these two benefit from ulzuin’s chosen) you can also use Alandar’s Vanity off-hand if you have it. It as a great proc that resets 5 seconds cooldown

You no longer need to activate all three skills, so that you can benefit of Ulzuin’s Chosen. Any one is fine, but of course it still applies only to these three skills.

The flat fire damage from BWC should work on each individual cast but the burn damage I doubt it stacks.

Correct, in order to stack the DoT and the debuffs (here: enemy OA, Armor and Resistances), they need to be applied from another source.

If you activate the transmuter, your recharge time of 5 seconds matches with the duration of the debuffs.

Shoot, I thought i had watched in other videos people said that BWC stacks with burn damage thats how they were doing awesome damage with it. Hmm IDK this build doesnt seem to be too strong to me right now, but then again i beat the game on normal first playthrough as a pet build, playing on veteran the whole game.

I can play veteran with this guy it just takes forever to kill a star and a couple of hp potions and spirit potions… :frowning:

With BWC/ Agonizing flames maxed and solael’s on it you should be able to destroy Veteran. What is your devotion anf build?

By the end of veteran you should have around 30 devotion points at least. IF you love BWC and want to continue with it you can put Fissure devotion on it and solael’s on something else like Flashbang. When you get Meteor shower from Ulzuin’s you can put just one point in canister bomb and just cast that on a mob for a guaranteed proc.

I don’t know your secondary mastery so it’s hard to give you better advice.

I max BWC, pick up the transmuter and put some points into Agonizing Flame - it should be melting everything on Veteran. It does lack single-target DPS, but it will clear a room in no time. Due to the debuff from the transmuter mobs also hit like a wet noodle. Combine this with a few points in Flashbang and things rarely touch you. I place some points in the Firestrike line for single-target DPS.

What is your end-game build?