Does conversion work on transmuted Guardian of Empyrion

Subj. IRC transmuter on them work differently from usual .

no, a damage can only be converted once.

only thing remarkable about guardian of empyrion is the transmuter changes the -res as well as the damage.

Well according to

it does.

I haven’t tested it but I played Acid Scions Sentinel and it was strong so it probably works (although if it didn’t convert the vitality portion of just the skill it would remain strong so not sure).

That’s incorrect. Check out this build or the one I linked above. Acid / Vitality Guardians hit like a truck.
Fire deal substantial damage is some builds.

im not saying its bad, im just saying compared to other transmuters tied to -%res this is the only one that converts the rr

You’re right. But mechanically this isn’t how the Guardian’s transmuter works. It doesn’t actually convert the damage on the pet, it just swaps the skill to use a different one instead whose damage can still be converted.

Storm Totem previously worked like this as well but was fixed in (likely because of the introduction of the new Conduit for Lightning->Aether conversion for them back then):

In the same update, I tested the damage on converted Guardians on a Vitality-based caster using Blood Rite to convert the damage and saw a notable difference between having it on and off, more than a +90% Vitality damage would account for so Guardians still seem to function the same way.


Yes, guardians can be “converted twice” though really you’re only converting once as the transmuter actually changes the pet that is being summon instead of converting, so you are correct.

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So it’s not a transmuter, rather than summoning a new pet which has acid/vitality damage. Should be corrected tooltips to prevent confusing.

No, it’s definitely a transmuter.

What defines a skill being a transmuter? It’s a skill that is unaffected by global skill points (transmuters do not receive skill bonuses from “all skills”) that modifies a skill to support a different playstyle or damage type.

While it could be mentioned in the tooltip, adding anything into the tooltip to specify it could be converted twice would probably just lead to more questions.

Oh man! GTFO here! Thats rad, you can technically “convert twice”… damn I never even considered that!

Does this work the same for other skills? IE; Righteous Ferver/Dreeg’s Reproach?

No as those are not pet swaps. Guardians of Empyrion is the only skill left this applies for.

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aw MAN. I was about to re-evaluate all my builds in a surge of excitement. Thats too bad.

Damage can’t be converted twice, it’s basic mechanic. But Guardians is different case, since the transmuter basically shifts the skill, so it’s treated like a new one, which can be converted.

Hopefully its not “fixed” like the Storm Totem was. Really cool having these little secret gems in the game to discover!

It won’t be, the transmuter is pointless if it was “fixed” since the RR would not be appropriate.


Good good good!! I am glad.

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