Does the Ring of Sethris actually exist?

I started doing Magi runs earlier this week specifically to get the Ring of Sethris and instead have got every other Magi ring and at least 6 of every seal to drop instead.

I’m not sure what the record is for most Magi runs without getting this ring to drop but at the rate I’m going I think I may set it. Unfortunately I didn’t record my exact number of runs, but I’m guessing based on the 15 rings and 58 seals that I’ve collected so far, it’s around 200 and counting.

The probability of this (not getting a particular ring in 200 runs) is 10% I think

This is important because the probability of not getting some ring in 200 runs is higher.

Anyway, 10% is unlucky but normal I guess. But it’s good you’ve made a topic because from what we’ve seen usually after that people get the drop :wink: (either RNGesus listens to the whines or :zantai: hacks your computer and puts his own Magis in your run). Also after next 200 runs you’d have to be 1% unlucky.


I finally got Sethris to cough up his ring - although it did take another 51 runs after posting last night.

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some will be lucky, some will be unlucky. The blessing and curse of RNGesus

It is an imaginary ring you can only dream about it

Meanwhile GDStashers be like

 Let’s find the one with the best rolls…


We have the technology!

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Don’t you have to find it as per usual even if using gdstash? The program does not create items for you. It’s just a virtual stash like item assistant no?

If you haven’t found the ring gdstash can’t help you right?

It can do either. You can use it as a stashing tool and search your own stashed items, or you can use it to create items from thin air.

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The program literally does create items for you. That’s one of its functions, in addition to its storage features.

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Reason I’m not using it even though the functionality would be great otherwise.

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Just not using this particular feature is not an option for you? :slight_smile:
Btw there’s Allow item and char editing toggle in Options that causes i.e. the crafting tab to disappear.

Well, A, it is easy to fall for it if having the option. Like not cheating on a test in school if you correct it yourself (which I believe I did a few times, but it’s been a while)
And B, once using it, there is no proving I didn’t use that feature. Sure, there is no need, either, and no one I would have to prove it to, but still, it doesn’t feel right. Not an entirely rational thing, I’m sure.
So I just use a few stash characters.
I don’t think I’d ever try to get a specific item like the OP - only way I couldn’t be disappointed is if I expected to fail.


But that’s just cheating…
I played the game since the alpha and I never resorted to it. Makes it feel all the more satisfying when a rare item finally drops.
But hey, I also have been playing the game since the alpha and Ravna’s Guard NEVER dropped for me, ever. I haven’t been farming her but I killed her with all my characters, often multiple times for bounties in the hive… y’d think it would have dropped. It’s random chance.
So far I only ever collected 3 Epic rings from the Magi, and 1 level 75 version Legendary ring. Sethris appears quite often for me, but never dropped his Legendary ring.

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it’s only cheating if you feel you are cheating yourself. Well, as long as you don’t join MP games and start giving free handouts of your GDstashed stuff… I had to ban quite a few players from my games for doing just that :roll_eyes:

Me personally, I’ll never spawn in farmable items like Magi Rings. But I do spawn relics and other craftables, just for my own QOL.

I know from Diablo II that using consoles is a slippery slope, so I never do that anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cheating is cheating. It isn’t morally questionable by itself, but it’s cheating no less. You can certainly cheat at Solitaire. :wink:
Again, not judging.
I think if a game requires such tools, there’s something left to be improved on the design. I do think that in GD it is more a preference, though.
The only time I can remember to have edited a character was a save file edit when I picked the wrong new class after AoM, closed the game, then couldn’t revert it anymore and had no backup.
I promptly quit playing that character after finishing Malmouth. :smile:

understandable. I try to keep myself in check, I know that if I started gdstashing stuff like Magi rings or triple rares in order to maximize my builds, I’d lose interest in playing the game very quickly. If it wasn’t for the way crafting works in GD I’d stay away from gdstashing altogether. Crafting is the only aspect of the game that I do not love, quite the opposite.

Sethris seems to appear most often for me. I got 2 legendary rings and a dozen epic ones, the others don’t even come close. Pure RNG, but sometimes I wonder if that’s really the case, as Sethris is probably also the most dangerous Magi and often managed to stop my Morgo run prematurely. A conspiracy? :sweat_smile:

not sure if I can agree with that definition. If it’s not morally questionable, it isn’t cheating imo.

Require, there is always gonna be ppl who wanna cheat to push the boundaries.

GD is very generous in terms of loot. We have one-shot chests, totems, shrines, guaranteed legendary items as quest rewards. Also RL-dungeons, which guarantee at least one legendary per clear. Surprisingly enough, sometimes RNG can be a real bitch by not dropping you a single copy of that one item. Just yesterday I decided I want myself an Octavius Tactician, only to find out that I don’t even have a M. Mark of Kalastor, which is arguably a BIS medal for such build. I have like 20 M. Pyroclasm Marks and M. Korvaak’s Brands though.

I got my first legendary Magi ring just a month ago or so, and ironically it was Sethris’ ring. So keep on grindin’ fellas.