Don't know where to go with my Battlemage (beginner)

I decided to play hardcore, get krieg set and see where i could go from there. Well, here I am, lvl 94 Battlemage, krieg set stashed.
I’ve scoured the forum to find a build to start with just the set and some faction gear but most of them require extra legendaries that I’m not sure that I can farm with my character as it is.
I leveled up as arcanist using TSS, I worked well but I really feel that I could get oneshot anytime in ultimate difficulty (every res capped, 1k1 armor, 2450 DA).
I’d like to go something sword and board since it’s hardcore, any advice on what faction gear/easy to farm infrequents I could look at? I already spotted the malmouth resistance sword, the coven shield and rings from barrrowholm

Following suggestions from Stupid_dragon, here is how it should look like .

It is a standard problem with Krieg set - there is really no decent no-legendary weapon and shield for it, or at least I’m not aware of one.

I’ve made this as an alternative:

But it is not tested for battlemage, so you’re on your own, sorry.

a friend of mine suggested farming Theodin scepter and use some MI shield you could buy in Malmouth Resistance camp after rescuing residents (Hyram).

From Hyram you have the best shield -Colossal something :sweat:

Theodin Marcel drops good scepter for this build. Best weapon is random drop Mindwarp. You can go sword and board or dual wield.

Mythical Mindwarp is a nice choice for krieg cadence if you want to go that route. If you need help trading/farming items I’d be happy to help.

Here is where i’m at
I don’t have the MI pants, just got crafted one with pierce resists. I don’t have recipe for doom yet so i’m using guile.
Still have to farm theodin martel MI t replace the sword. Any suggestions?

Suggestions on farming Theodin?

Sorry I mean is there an obvious more efficient use of components and augments than the one I did?

I shouldn’t take language shorcuts on a forum that’s not in my first language :smiley:

I can usually read through language shortcuts, but I’m no mindreader. :sweat_smile:

  1. Bysmiel’s Shroud for weapon and shield, and Irrah’s Soulfire for rings and amulets
  2. Replace Medal with either Mark of Shadow Queen (better OA) or Mark of Voracious One (better Skillpoints and resistances) - both have faction blueprints. Given your obvious problems with resistances I’d pick the latter.
  3. Remove 2 points from Dying God, 2 points from Wraith and 1 point from Crossroads Red, invest all 5 in Revenant. This gives you plenty of useful stats, including 24% vitality resistance. You’ve been using poison/vit augments - now you could switch them to poison/chaos.

You don’t have living armor I assume? If you do it could be improved further, but otherwise it’s not worth losing components.

Many thanks for those suggestions !
Sadly I don’t have the living armor blueprint, I’ll try to farm it… With the next character :wink:
yeah, that one got randomly one shot in normal SR 25 while I was trying to get blueprints. Hopefuly I stockpiled mandates and XP pots