Double MI Mesesenger's Blaze Cannon

Any idea what would work? +8 Flames of Ignafar and (hopefully) decent conversion. I feel like it is a slow skill but I know it has some die hard fans. And I never made one before. :sweat_smile:

Superb affix combination on wrong item. But I can imagine a Paladin that can skate and fart fire at the same time.

It makes sense, I think Vire’s Might is really good at proccing Devotions.
And you can skate through a mob, turn around and start blasting. Sad to hear the MI itself is the weakest link. Always wondered why underpowered MIs that no one uses are not buffed. What’s the point in farming them then?

That being said that item itself can be combined with Vanquisher set + Gauntlet of Ignaffar + Bloodsworn Sigil, and use Ignaffar relic with crimson lotus for more Inqui and Oath skill.

But ignoring the +8 flames bonus, the weapon with that affix can also be used as 2h vanquisher build since CT also benefit from high weapon damage.

You can certainly use that weapon for FOI, but I am sure there are much better choices. I would definitely try a fire Vire’s Might build. Once you drop the cooldown low, Vire’s outputs a lot of weapon damage on its own, in addition to generating a lot of fire trails and procs. Maybe try the Fiend devotion on Vire’s to take advantage of the weapon damage.

There is a conduit for FoI that adds 20%wpn damage to FoI. Add a bloodsworn sigil (adcth to FoI) and you can run with quite a few items. In fact, with + 20% more wpn damage ~75% wpn damage, you could just grab some adcth from devotions,components, etc. Which means you can play around with various sets.

The classic set would be Mageslayer for FoI, and various other masteries. Masteries with Fire RR are preferable, but the mageslayer set makes using Arcanist and OFF a possibility. Mageslayer precludes the conduit, though. I’m sure there are various gear mix and matches for a FoI build.

The typical fire devotion path would work.

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no dont use FOI. No matter how damage you can get with +8 FOI and those nice % weapon dam, you cant have enough mana regen to run FOI with 2 hand weapon. Even with some offhand build without Arcanist mastery, you’ss run out of mana in a few seconds

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FoI is pretty hard on energy. But it is possible to chug an energy pot, even though it’s rarely mentioned. So to take an example build using the newer Ember Set - just for fun -

Example FoI build and energy cost.

^FoI here would drain: 287.5 + 20.8 + 45.8 ~ 350 * 2 (200% cast speed) / 2 (~50% skill energy cost from items, skill, devotion) = 350 energy per second.

So you’d need a fairly big pool and fairly high regen. You need to have some energy absorb, leech and retaliation (like nightblade’s PA) and will probably have to chug a pot every now and then to top up the pool.

There are MI affixes that can help for rings and such. Living rings are good candidates. You also need to focus components/augments mostly to energy and a few devotions, as well.

In an empty space, the pool in this example will drain out in ~30s with uninterrupted spam.

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I have to ask because Wiki has not updated yet. Where can I get the new, “alternate” SR sets? Like Ember’s Calling? I have Googled it a few times but it’s not clear to me yet.

In SR of course.

Since they’re L94 sets you’ll need to far pretty far in to have them drop.

@medea_fleecestealer so… like they can be randomly dropped in Chests or perhaps as a variant of the default SR armor at the vendor? I did a few SR 76 runs on Ultimate, and since I did not see any piece I assumed it was perhaps a recipe of sorts. :frowning:

Yes, they drop as part of the cash out loot in SR same as everything else in there.

The old Shattered Realm set can be bought at the vendor for illusion purposes only, along with the new one.

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They do drop in the chests but are relatively rare. Expect to farm SR for a few days to a week if you want to try and complete a set or all 3. Nice thing as well is you can same-set transmute the pieces so if you get 3 chestguards, you can convert 2 of them to the other pieces of the same set.