Double wide roads

It is not possible to place two roads next to eachother.

For aligning city blocks, with different sized buildings within each block, i would like to place two lanes of road together, as filler, and for decorative purposes.


Strongly agree.

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it is certainly possible, use your shift key to keep your street straight.


What would be nice, though, is if placing two parallel roads with no space between them caused them to ‘blend’, so that the narrow strip of grass/earth no longer showed between them. That would give us a variety of paths, trails, roads, and Boulevards within and around our towns. Even if the larger road gave no major travel bonus, it would give the Beauty Builders more options to make their towns look better.


you mean something like this :slight_smile:

Exactly! Using the Large Plaza and Upgraded Large Plaza gives the same visual result, except that I have not seen it give the movement bonus that regular roads give, since the Large Plaza was intended as a Decoration rather than a movement benefit.

What I would like is a 3rd Tier Road that is double width, gives an extra movement bonus, and maybe requires both Stone and Clay (representing the firm underbed) to build - a real ‘boulevard’ for the town.

Alternatively, let the Large Plaza provide a movement bonus for Carts but maybe jack up the price to compensate for the extra usefulness.

Either method would work.

You can put roads on top of plazas. The double wide road trick underlaid with t1 plaza is a fairly good look.


After 350+ hours of playing, still New Things to learn . . .

Just to note incase because it isn’t entirely intuitive, you need to put the roads down first and then afterwards the plazas go underneath.

Yep: just finished experimenting with the central 2-lane Central Artery in my latest town.
New options for future Town Planning!

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the good ideas for a huge city

Just an idea. Why not an overview of areas with cities like in simcity 4 so that your cities can also trade with each other. That makes a more extensive traffic network more useful, such as the ‘network addon mod’.
With possibly areas where the raiders come from.
Like I said, just an idea. :-))

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