Dragon's Dogma

I just bought it for PC on the Steam Summer Sale. $20.00 for both the main game and Dark Arisen expansion. Anyways I am really enjoying it and it seems like there is a ton of things to do in this game. I already feel as if I got my money’s worth. What do you guys think of this game? For those of you who are playing it.

What do you think are its pro’s and con’s? It looks like something I would enjoy: convince me.

Ok Pros and Cons:

The combat is super fun. Based on which class you pick you can either be a fast hitter a ranged guru or a magic casting beast. You can fight large monsters by actually climbing on them and slashing at their weaker points.

The questing is very fun and rewarding, when you finish a quest you feel accomplished because the game is challenging for sure(not as much as Dark Souls).

The Pawn system is fantastic. You create your own follower to complement your class. For me ie: I am a strider which is basically like Legolas at the moment. I made a tanky Fighter to taunt and agro the enemy. I then lace into them with precise arrow shots because aiming your bow is similar to FPS.

When you are synced online your pawn can help out other players and return with new experience and gifts for you. Always have a pawn!

The classes flesh out into different classes based on what you level up. For instance if you choose a fighter and learn some strider augments or attributes you can later evolve your class into an Assassin which has new moves to learn.

The landscapes are vast and filled with secrets.

The armor and weapon enhancing system is addicting.

The story pulls you along well.

The graphics are from 2012 but it still looks decent on PC master race.

The game can be very challenging when starting out.

Some of the quests can be misleading but you can counter that by reading.

Fast travel is there but it isn’t abundant in early game.

The voice acting isn’t the best.

I think the controls may be better with a gamepad. Right now I am using a mouse and keyboard. However aiming is def better with a mouse.

Oh ya also its only $20.00 for a totally immersive meaty game. Steam summer sale is by far the best.

Sold. I’ll pick it up when I get home :slight_smile:

Sounds like something i"ll enjoy. I’m bored as fuck right now and need something RPGish in my life…

(I’m mad at Grim Dawn right now)

Fair enough! Ya I really really like it. I am only 3 hours in and I am having a blast. The character customization is awesome. Your height/weight/physique when you develop your character dictate how much weight you can carry, your speed, your ability to get to high up places or small alcoves. IE; if you have a big muscular character you can carry a ton of stuff and jump up to higher places. But if you have a small light character you can run really fast and get into small secret areas but you carry less. Things like this really make the game shine.

I believe it to be a very underrated RPG.

That’s actually really amazing!

I’ve always thought that a character should “look” different as his or her stats change…

Like if you are really dextrous, you are slimmer and more lithe looking, and as you build more muscle, your body bulks up. As you age, you get greyer hair and facial wrinkles.

I wish MMO’s did that! It would add even more immersion.

Agreed! Here is a link to how the classes develop. Brief look.


Ok cool. I usually go for casters in games, preferably druids. But mage works :slight_smile:

feel free to invite me (davoodinator) as a friend for free pawn usage. my pawn is level 114 ranger specialized in great gamble.

youll need to abuse mushroom potages to properly utilize her

I have been playing it off and on for the past month, when it wants to work with my steam link. (Sometimes it has no audio and nothing I do fixes it) It’s really cool, everything about the game is super grand and “epic”.

It’s like they took Two Worlds, shook it up in a blender with some classic ARPG recipes and put in some great lore/boss fights and thats what they came out with.

When doing a search on steam only Dark Arisen shows up yet you said that’s the expansion how do I get the base game?
And I’m also more confused you make it sound like it’s an MMO but steam says it’s single player, can you please clarify.

Sorry if this is obvious answers I just haven’t slept in 40something hours and I’m just finding your short review confusing with steam info…

the first video that plays on the steam page says all previous DLC is included in Dark Arisen. stupid that it doesn’t say that somewhere in the description, though.

the PC release has everything including all of the DLCs all as one big package.

i have like 100 videos of the game (i think i have 1400 hours on the game) up on steam / youtube if you wanna look at hwo the game plays. i did a lets play from level 1 to 114 with ng+ x 5 and 2 speedruns (first one failed, second one succeeded) and lots of little side videos where i broke the game rules and had some fun.

Vartak Playthrough part 0

anyways combat is really unique in that you can grapple, climb throw and even knock big enemies down or off cliffs into water etc. it isn’t just a simple mmo style combat like many other “ARPG” games.

its also “westernish” as you can kill town npcs. and even in the tutorial at the beginning of the game (video 0 i linked) i am busy killing the tutorial npcs instead of letting them help me.

im a bit biased as well because its my favourite ARPG and i played the hell out of it on ps3 in 2012 when it first came out also :smiley:

I’m honestly thinking of buying it. Mainly because of the steam summer sale.

I played the original on PS3, and I was pretty butthurt over the augment nerfs to bloodlust and autonomy. Never played Dark Arisen. I detest heavy handed nerfs like that.

lol female models completely naked while male model has boxers

Game looks good think I’ll get it seen its only $20USD (bout $24 for Aus)
Thanks guys

theres a mod for that.

seriously check nexus mods there are like 250 DDDA mods and some dude is constantly releasing new skimpy clothing mods every week, if your into that.

I loved the game when it was on PS3/XB 360, but never played it on PC (my PC won’t handle it)…but I am hoping for a PS4/XBO remaster. crosses fingers

I need to get a new PC that can play games like this, but I just don’t have the money. Its an epic game, and while it has its flaws, its positives far outweigh its negatives, imho.

what are your specs

the game is a well optimized dx9 game and runs on a toaster