Dreaming of Stun Jacks

I’ve always wanted to build a character that uses Stun Jacks as part of it rotation. The closest (and really only) build I’ve been able to find that does this is THIS. It has always felt that the skill has been much maligned.

I’m horrible at imagining builds in this game. Is there a class combo other than Purifier that would be viable to level and farm with? The linked build is strong, but I’m just looking for other avenues to pursue if they exist. Inquisitor just seems to give the build the most survivability.

Again, I’d like to have something I could level with and farm totems, SR65-75ish, and Nemesis I guess. I’m not looking to rock the world or do speed runs in the Crucible.

Shaman obviously has the complementary lightning boost and some good RR, but would I just be losing too much protection if I dropped Inquisitor? If anyone has any thoughts on a general build, it’d be appreciated. I don’t need a step-by-step, as I’d like to figure some things out as I go and hopefully learn, but I’d wouldn’t want to put effort into an experiment that had zero chance of surviving Ultimate content.

Just looking for some of you better gamers to bounce ideas off of.


Are you looking for a build that uses the cooldown version of Stun Jacks or do you want to spam them with the transmuter, Quick Jacks? What about element? Is lightning strictly required or are you ok with conversions?

There the Harra set and the Light’s Guardian set for endgame support you can build towards, and Light’s Guardian even has a lower level version to use for Elite difficulty. There’s also some converted versions like Chaos or Aether, though those are only available in the lategame, as well as builds using the CD version for the Electrocute damage, like this one. Stun Jacks is definitely a way you can go and you have plenty of options to choose from. Elementalists, Purifiers, Sorcerers and who knows what else are all an option. And Stun Jack item support is about to get even better next patch.

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I think the element is going to be tied to what class I pair with Demo, right? I like the idea of lightning-based with Storm Box thrown in there. Plus, the lightning devotions seem flashy, but I’m not tied down to anything at the moment. This will be SSF-ish as I did a fresh start of my toons/gear. I realize that may hamper things and I may be shoehorned into a leveling-element then transition to some type of conversion.

I would prefer, though, not to have a piano-build, but that is subjective and also flexible for me.

Inquisitor seems to me like the go-to if I want to do any kind of face-tanking due to Inquisitor’s Seal, of course. I’m not horrible at kiting and could use the practice if the build isn’t a glass-cannon.

As for transmuter versus not…no real preference I guess. Again, not great at build creativity, but Quick Jacks seems like a face-tank or jump-in/jump-out style to me.

Overall, if there’s a neat conversion build I can build to, that’s fine. I know that means I’ll probably be leveling as something “different” than Stun Jacks focused, which is unfortunate, but sometimes the nature of the beast.

Try this, it’s quite good & fun in campaign and up to SR 75-76, Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator but low sustain prevents it for further shards.

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Thanks fordperfect, that’s really along the lines of something to shoot for. And SR 75-76 is really all I’d care to push for.

Incoming ‘Doh’ question: What is enabling you to use Primal Strike with a 1-h/shield? The transmuter and GD just casually leaves that tidbit out?


You’re definitely not forced into Inquisitor just cause it has Seal. Seal works very well with characters that prefer being stationary and spamming from range, but it’s not necessarily the only or best option. Arcanist gets you Sphere of Protection and Mirror, Necro (if you were to go Aether) gets you Mark of Torment and Ill Omen, Occultist gets you Possession and Blood of Dreeg (if you go Chaos), Shaman gets you regen and healing through Wendigo Totem, etc. I’ve personally done Cold Stun Jacks on Harra Sorceress (Demo + Arcanist) and it was very nice.

The main issue you’re gonna run into when levelling as Stun Jacks is that there’s only limited ways for you to lifesteal off of Stun Jacks in the early game. You can only apply your general lifesteal to skills that have some % weapon damage on them, which Stun Jacks doesn’t without Spark of Ultos or Scion of Celestial Portents, which are both endgame items. Another way you can leech from a skill is if you can get an item to specifically apply lifesteal onto the skill, like the Harra amulet or Korvaak’s Storm-Blade does. So unless you kill the first Act boss and immediately head off to the Forgotten Gods expansion to get a Korvaak’s Storm-Blade (which only drop towards the second half of the expansion), you’re not going to be able to sustain off of just Stun Jacks and you’d have to fill in your build with some other skills. However, in the next patch, Ulraprax’s Sting is getting % lifesteal for Stun Jacks added onto it, and that amulet you can farm immediately after Act 2. So next patch you’re gonna have a bit more freedom in how you progress through the game. Either way you should be able to play Stun Jacks from start to finish, you’ll just have to know where to go to get what you need and the start is going to be a little bit uncomfortable until then. After that you can play full lightning stun jacks (you really won’t have other options) until you get to lvl 94 where you can start looking into alternatives, provided you find the crafting blueprints.


Stormrend enables to use Primal Strike with one-hand weapons so you can spam it or use with cooldown if you like but since the only skill that use weapon damage in build is PS, so you need to spam it to lifesteal a bit.

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Ah, so in terms of leveling, I’ll be leaning on a 2-hander of some sort? Maybe a sparkthrower or a storm-blade as Imarcusl mentioned. Or just any ol’ weapon that can act as a stopgap.

Immensely useful information. This is going to be a journey of discovery for sure.

Yeah while leveling you need to use 2H Primal Strike, or Savagery until getting all gear and 94 lvl but you can also use Stun Jacks or any other demolitionist cast skill if you like.

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Would this happen to be your build? I’m curious as to the purpose of the shield, I’m a noob and I asked a veteran about it and they gave some advice regarding adding sustain but they didn’t understand what the shield added in this build. I’m guessing, aside from all the lightning/elec dmg % bonuses, the demo/shaman +1 to all skills?

It was a meme idea, shield is for skill points and physical resist mainly. But after all these changes, this setup can be done a little bit differently.

If you ever come around to updating it, please post it because it does look fun! Cheers!

Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Try this one, you can include Storm Totem aswell but it will surely slow down the build’s rotation.

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What am I missing here? Two one-handed axes being used with Primal Strike?

An item in the game that allows Primal Strike to be used with it even though it’s a one handed weapon.